Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sheesh. Well gee, that last blog was sure a happy one - not. How about I try to lighten the mood a little eh? I'm pretty sure that I never know what to talk about in these things. I mean, sure... Give me a topic and I can go on forever. I can make a story that should take 2 minutes to tell, last like 20 minutes. Mind you, this is not to be annoying - I just happen to be a woman of detail. If I went bra shopping, I'm going to tell you why, what time, where, and what size and color of bras I got. Many of my friend can attest to this hard driven fact. I always wonder at which point people actually decide to tune me out and turn on auto-pilot feigned interest. Or if my stories actually are as entertaining as I put them out to be. Whatever the case, I still enjoy talking. I'll talk to myself, or whoever. But sometimes I'm just not in the mood to talk a ton - or I just flat out don't have anything exciting to say. When this occurs, people instantly conclude that I must be in a bad mood, because I'm not talking. It's rather annoying sometimes... I mean, as flattered as I am that their world has stopped spinning because I'm not rambling off random pointless stories at the speed of sound... I don't always have witty, hilarious stories. C'mon people. Gotta let the juices rest for a while. Baha. Okay, so I'm not that funny. But I can make myself laugh. Really, in the end, I think that's all that matters. Because if you can't even make yourself laugh, you have a problem my dear friend if you so naively believe that you are capable of making others chuckle. You see this, I've gone off for a whole entire paragraph and then some about my talking habits. Ridiculous. I'm telling you, it can be the most completely random subject, and I'll find something to say about it. Or if I can't talk about that exact topic, I'll find something that some how relates to the said topic, and go off on a limb. I can find a way to relate anything to anything. Anything. Go ahead. Try me. But occassionally when I'm talking, I start boring even myself. This is when I know I should stop. Kind of like right now.

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