Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well, here I am yet again... Slowly grasping the concept of "blogging". As I've taken a gander at some other people's blogs I've realized a couple things. A - Blogs open the door to an entirely new realm of stalking. B - Blogs need not have rhyme or reason, they just are. C - Blogs can be bland and boring, or incredibly personal. D - I enjoy reading them all the same.

So with these in mind, I now know that I can choose to either bore you with the monotonous tasks I participate in on a day to day basis, or I can pull the deepest thoughts out of my head for your reading pleasure... Perhaps even a messy combination of the two. But as I do this, I know that you as a reader have complete agency in whether you continue reading... So if ever you finish reading a post of mine and feel slightly less intelligent than when you started... Totally not my problem. ;) And with that friendly disclaimer fresh on your mind, here I go...

Usually at any given moment in my life, there is one significantly dominating thought that I toss and turn over in my mind until something more compelling comes along. My mind is hardly ever idle... Not always a good thing, not always bad. In any event, the idea that my brain cells are currently swimming around is the fact that I'm slowly realizing that I tend to go for things that, at the time being, are unattainable. It's frustrating to me really. When something is within my reach, everything is okay... My planets are aligned, and I'm content. But as soon as that thing is no longer within my grasp - I panic, and immediately begin to chase it. I don't seem to fathom whether the chase is necessary or not... My mind just subconsciously deems it something that I can't have and in return triggers some random need to pursue. I know I'm not the only one that's like that... It's a common human characteristic to want what you can't have - right? I wonder why that is how it is though. Is it possibly to give us something to work for... To develop a better understanding what's really important in life... Or maybe it's just a petty habit that we as humans need to learn to cope with. Whatever the reason... It is annoying. Not knowing whether I want something because I can't have it, or because I really actually want it... Is a discomforting feeling.

And that is my thought for Saturday. Your opinions are welcomed. If you didn't quite follow that thought process... That's okay. It's a blog, remember? :)

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