Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here you have it.

So it looks like I haven't posted anything for a good four months. And I'm sure all 3 of you that read this blog are completely devastated. Fear not, for this post should hold you off for the next four months. As previously mentioned, I have a heck of a time trying to figure out what random pointless topic I should ramble on about, so I just end up, well, not writing anything. I don't have a cute husband, or kids to update the world about. Just lil' old me. So once again, take it or leave it. But recently, my life consists of....

Work. Everyone fortunate to have a job does it. However, I hardly consider what I do "work". I guess sitting here for 8 hours with absolutely nothing to do and trying to stay awake could be considered "work". I occasionally "work" on some homework. I have mastered the art of stalking people via blog and Facebook... "Work"? You know, I even occasionally pick my nose right here in the front lobby, knowing full well a client could walk in at any given second. And this is no sissy "scratching your nose" pick, this is the hard core, knuckle to the nostril, digging for gold pick. This is a pick that you could not play off if someone were to walk in. Unless you think you could fool people into thinking that your brain itched. That, my compadres, is skill. Resume worthy even. The amazing thing about my "work", is that after 8 grueling hours of transferring calls, fighting to stay awake, stalking people, and nose picking... I go home, and want nothing more than to sit on my butt and do absolutely nothing. How is this right in anyone's world? How is it that I don't have any desire to skip around the block 67 times when I get home, simply because I can. I honestly amaze myself. Truly, I do.

School. 2 online classes and 2 night classes. Behind in every single one of them. Does this make sense where I have 8 hours a day to kill? No. Procrastination is an interesting thing. I hardly ever go to my Sociology of Religion class. It has it's interesting moments... But for the most part, I can't make myself stay awake. Last week they more or less argued the entire class about whether or not Atheists practice "faith" or rational thinking in their belief that there is no God. First go around, sure it was an interesting concept. 17th go around, not so much. Safe to say I left early. And I usually DO leave early... Every time I actually decide to show up. My online classes... Those are just flat out special. Human Development and Family Relations. It's hard to do the reading and study for tests when everything I'm reading is all essentially common knowledge. I need to develop me some better study habits. I can honestly say, that I have hardly any passion for school. Is that sad? I really, just don't like it. Okay sure, I like learning new information... But I'd rather learn it from experience than from reading it out of a textbook. And the fact that these classes cost thousands of dollars, is simply ridiculous to me. I thank the good Lord that I've gotten grants... But seriously. I'm going into Human Development and Family Relations... A degree in which, I have no idea what I'll do with. At one point I had considered later going to graduate school to get a Marriage and Family counselling license... But honestly... I really don't think I could handle that much school. And I'd probably end up at BYU. Pass. When I was younger, every time someone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I'd say a mom. I don't really care if this is a typical goodie two shoe mormon girl answer. It was true then. And it's still true. And I may just possibly be in the closest major be in to learn about such a "career".

Family. They're awesome. Little sister Arianne just got baptised. It was possibly the cutest thing ever. When she came up out of the water she couldn't stop giggling. She bore her testimony about it the next day at church, and couldn't stop giggling then either. She's adorable. She'll come in and just hang out with me in my room while I'm getting ready. Sure, sometimes it's annoying and I want her to leave because I'd much rather get ready in my underwear in the privacy of my own company. But, I hear from my friends that they remember all the times that their older siblings let them hang around with them, and how awesome they thought it was at the time. So I figure, what the heck? Besides, I thoroughly enjoy being the "cool sister". I love being looked up to. I know I'm not the best example 100% of the time. But occassionally I'll make an extra effort to try harder. Then there's Christian. He's getting so old and big. (And I mean big in the best and most vertical way possible.) It's so weird to see him with a girlfriend. And I love when he asks me advice about it. He wrote her a song and would sing it constantly through the house, or in his room, when he didn't think anyone was listening. And when I'd say something about it, he'd get all embarrassed, but then ask me what I thought about it. He's an amazing cook. Puts my toast/cereal/egg making skills to shame. Perhaps some day he'll have a restaurant. And perhaps he will name one of the dishes after his awesome sister Chelsea. Alyssa and Savanah... We share clothes now. This can be completely awesome and irritating all at the same time. The other day I realized that a lot of my wardrobe was missing. So I go strolling into the girls' room to find like 10 of my shirts in there. Awesome. So in addition to the 10 shirts, I took a couple of theirs with me. What comes around goes around baby. And my parents. They're about the same. Mom is staying busy with everything. Dad still doesn't have a job, but is still getting contract work, so that is good. They struggle a lot... But still somehow manage to joke around and still have fun. They're pretty much just awesome.

Friends. Hard to make time for everyone that wants to hang out. I mean because clearly I'm all sorts of popular and all. Not. But now that most of the boys are home from their missions... I mostly hang out with them. And all the friends I had while the boys were on their missions, I hardly see anymore... And it's kinda sad. Everyone is crazy busy with school. Once again, might I add how much I dislike school. The boys are all still trying to get girlfriends. Key word: trying. And sometimes it's not even that. I somehow think that guys go through phases where they think God is just going to drop Mrs. Wonderful right into their laps. Hardly boys. But we just hang out n' stuff. Nothing crazy out of the ordinary. We do scripture study on Sunday nights. We just started reading Jesus the Christ and I'm pretty excited about that. It's fun to be able to talk about the Gospel with friends. And it's nice to be able to ask completely ridiculous questions and not care whether or not if they sound stupid. I have some preeeetty awesome friends. Sure, they can all be idiots sometimes. But... I wouldn't trade them for the world. :)

Secrets. Naturally, can't divulge much here. Well, I can... But it wouldn't be a secret then would it?

Boys. I've been on more dates in the last month than I have been on... For a while. They've been fun. I actually went on one that could most definitely be listed among top 3 best dates I've ever been on. We went to this cute little Italian restaurant... It had a candle and a rose in the middle of the table and everything. And they had normal food on the menu, that I could actually read. Then we went to the Murray Arts Center and learned the Merengue (or however you spell it). Funniest thing ever. I can't take myself seriously when I dance. I laugh a lot when I'm dancing with someone, and they always automatically think I'm laughing at them. Which, I'm not. I think I laugh out of nervous habit. But nevertheless it was really fun. Then we went into this other room (ps... I've never been to the MAC, so it was a new experience all around) and there was a live band playing like... Swing and Cha Cha songs... And there were THE cutest old couples out on the dance floor just gettin their groove thing on. Like honestly... I couldn't have been happier to just be sitting there watching the 80 year olds. They all looked so extremely happy. I absolutely loved it. I would go there every Friday night and just watch them if I could. I want that to be me in 50 years. Just dancing the night away with my sweetheart. Doesn't get much better than that. Anywho, we went back to his house after and he taught me some chords on the guitar and just sat and played for me for a bit. (Ps... He's amazing.) Aaand then we watched Ratatouille. The end. It was so much fun. Within a week's time though, he had a girlfriend of sorts. So that was a little... awkward-ish... and random. But nevertheless, a good date! There's a boy that lives in Vegas that I love. I am 100% positive that he will never read this. So I feel fairly justified in saying as much. There's boys that say we should make out. Yeah okay. There's boys that think secret relationships work. There's boys that I've only met once and tell everyone they're my EC. There's boys that think they're too cool for me. There's boys that are too cool for me. There's boys that I think I'm too cool for. There's boys that I, in all reality, wouldn't date for one reason or another, but I still continue to lust after. Because I'm awesome. Ah boys. They're idiots. But I love them... Most the time.

Decisions. Mission? No mission? Heck. I don't know.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is about what my life consists of currently. And as sad as I am to say it, this was the condensed version. If you'd like the unabridged version, just talk to me. You'll get it. Guaranteed.


  1. chelsea. i just wanted to let you know that i blog stalked you just now and that i enjoyed the synopsis on your life. don't think i'm a creeper...

  2. you are hilarious. I just read the whole post to Jonathan and we loved it. you should definitely write more.

    school sucks. I agree with you completely there. I took a family studies class too and it was so frustrating how common sense everything was. "I'm paying for this?!" ugh.

    your job sounds even worse than laco. how do you do it?!?!?!

    boys can bring so much misery...and then unexpectedly so much joy. i'm just glad you're not one of my many friends getting married while I'm gone. I guess you never know though...

    i love your fam. arianne is such a freakin' cutie. I wish i could have been there to see the giggling.

    if you have any juicy secrets, send 'em my way.

    i love you!!!

  3. Thanks for the update. I guess we'll have to go running for me to get the secrets, eh? I had a lot of secrets when I was 21, too.
    Forget Family Studies. You should do some creative writing!

  4. It's sad that I learn more about what you are up to by reading your blog. Certainly I could just ask you. Don't worry, i know how you feel about the mission thing, first my answer was NO and then it was YES! Good luck!

  5. Nose picking....awesome.
    I had other comments, but I forgot them.
    Hey, can I be your blog editor? I noticed a few things....hahaha.