Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Because I Can

Good thing my job is more boring than watching grass grow - I'm on a roll.

-I ran 3.5 miles at the gym yesterday. I walked about .6 of those. But I was mostly running at the 6.0 speed. This is an improvement. If only I could do the same outside. Sigh.

-I need extra money... But I'm not so sure how willing I am to sacrifice my nights and weekends to get another job in order to do so. I could probably easily get a waitress job somewhere... But I just know I'd absolutely hate working nights and weekends. Princess much? So if anyone knows how to make some easy money, while maintaining a full time job, that would be just peachy. I just don't want to be working CRAZY late into the night is all. Debt = :(

-So the bikini wax went better than expected. After getting over the initial feeling of complete and utter violation of having two girls all up in my bajingo, it was a walk in the park. I got it done at Cameo Beauty College... Because I'm trying this whole 'being thrifty' thing. Anyways... I finally am allowed to put my pants back on and as I do I realize that they didn't get all the wax off my legs and *cough* hair.... So not only are my panties sticking to my vajayjay, my basketball shorts are sticking to my legs in some awkward places. So that was really my only complaint, along with the fact that they didn't really take as much hair off as I had anticipated. But I wasn't about to pull my pants down and tell them to keep going. Now I just know for next time. Because there will so be a next time. ;)

-I got a pedicure on Friday. I love pedicures. Though I decided that the overly preppy asians at the particular joint I went to, don't have a great sense of customer service. Nor do they have a good sense of what is appropriate to wear to work. Every time I looked down at my feet, I got an eyeful of asian breasts. Even the men that worked there had bulging muscles and tight t-shirts. What kind of customers are they trying to attract? Perhaps they offer alternative services that I'm unaware of? Who knows. At least fish aren't a part of their services. I'm not sure that I'd ever feel okay with that kind of pedicure... *shudder*

-Speaking of breasts... mine still hurt. Though on the bright side... They're totally growing. Thank youuuuu birth control.

-So I went to Ross the other day, because I was in a shameless spending mood, mostly to look at their dresses. Turns out I sort of kind of just a little bit like dresses. Shawn decided he wanted to come along for the ride, bless his heart. It was hilarious to watch him pull out halter tops that he was sure were skirts, but weren't. Though, I ended up getting two dresses. One, was one of the halters he pulled out, that we both agreet could double as a halter and as a skirt. Though, I'm not sure how I feel about the whole, shirt underneath the halter, thing. Perhaps it just needs to grow on me? Though, moral of the story: turns out guys, or at least mine, can be SEMI okay at shopping. Even when they seem to be pulling the most ridiculous looking items of clothing off the shelves.

-I want to change my hair again. I think I might just make it all the way dark with the red highlights again. Opinions? Blonde or dark? I'm not real sure how I feel about the blonde in my hair right now... Maybe I should just go neon purple. Yeah.

-It is amazing how quickly I can fall asleep sitting here at the desk. I startle myself when I jolt back into consciousness. It's probably a good thing I don't have my own office... I'd fall asleep and have no worries about anyone seeing me...

I think I just figured out what kind of tattoo I want...

And that will be all.

For now.

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  1. Oh, Chels.:) I'm embarrased how long I stared at that picture until I finally figured it out.
    I vote for blonde highlights. Ya know, for summer. Besides, blonde's have more fun. Which for you might be a little scary right now. ;)