Friday, June 19, 2009

May the Force be With You

Here we go again:

-Virtually my entire family is running the Wasatch Back this weekend... I offer The Force in their behalf.

-I've been awful at running lately. Here Shawn is busting out 9 miles in one hour and I am lucky to finish 4 in the same amount of time. I'm actually really starting to get paranoid that I won't finish in time - or at all. Oh well. I signed up... at least. Yesterday I decided I wasn't too tired to go run around the track at Murray High 900 times. But alas, I couldn't find one of my shoes. Anywhere. My room was even clean. Of all the days I decide to get off my ass and run... I can't find my stupid shoe. So between that and my period starting the same day with awesome cramps... I start having a meltdown because I can't find my shoe. Shawn calls, and doesn't hardly know what to do with himself when I'm on the other end brimming in tears because I feel fat, hate cramps, and can't find my damn shoe. I never did find my shoe. I ended up on my mom's bed in fetal position asleep. Probably a sign from the Gods that I should give up running and pick up a new endeavor - that doesn't make me want to die.
-I love Kohl's. It's scary close to being my number one favorite store ever. (Sorry Target.) They've got cute stuff, and awesome prices. Shawn and I have gone twice in the last week, because we rock. I got myself a much needed bra. And Shawn bought me a new purse because he rocks - and I got him some good lookin' shirts. We're cool and shop for each other. I'm sure the cashier was all sorts of confused when I handed her dude shirts and he handed her a purse. We're that cool. I plan on a glorified return on the 24th when (word has it) there will be another pretty sweet sale.

-Last weekend we more or less got kicked out of the Redwood Drive Inn. Turns out they don't appreciate people who switch theaters for the second movie. Understandably so... I guess. The first guy asked to see our tickets, and assured us he didn't care if we came from a different theater, he just wanted proof that we paid to get in. So as I'm showing him our tickets, some other man with his panties up his ass comes over and starts screaming at us to get back to our own theater or we're going to get kicked off the property. So we go through again, listen to some B.S. about auditing and then have all the guys are walkie talkie-ing with each other to "watch the white truck". Retarded. So we left. Those peoples just need to CHILL and learn how to tactfully take care of rule breakers. Sheesh.

-It's slowly occuring to me just how competitive I am. Go ahead. Try beating my score on Farkle on Facebook. You'll see.

-Not a fan of Wingers. I had their "Sticky Finger Quesadilla" and was rather disappointed. Granted, I had no idea what to expect... but it was certainly more than the tortilla with halved pieces of tiny chicken and lettuce that I got. Though, in their defense, their free birthday dessert wasn't all that bad.

-I think rain is one of the best things ever. However, I need it to be Summer now.

-I feel like I'm getting fatter. It's hella depressing. And I feel like running does absolutely nothing to stop it. Don't give me the comments of, "You're not FAT Chelsea!!!!"... Feeling and being are totally different. And I feel huge. It's mostly my stomach. The little roll right underneath my bra, you know what I'm talking about? How on God's green earth do I get it to GO AWAY!? I look at pictures from high school and can tell I've filled out, which isn't all bad. And I'm sure 10 years from now I'll look at pictures of myself as I am now, and wish I could go back to that. But... I just... Don't want to get fat... Ever. I'm still in the healthy BMI range, but it's at the top-end of the healthy range. I'd prefer to not have to worry about being borderline "overweight". Why can't they suck the fat from my stomach and insert it into my boobs? I would be A-okay with that procedure. I've come to grips that I've got thunder thighs, and I don't have a huge problem with that. Okay - goal time. I'm going to make an extra effort to not eat crap food and to work my abs out HARD. Any ab work outs anyone finds particularly effective?

-I rolled 211 dollars worth of change for Shawn. Am I a good girlfriend or what?

-Speaking of Shawn, (again), he's found a new love for Speedos. He's even made a verb out of it, saying that he's "Speedoing" (which I must admit I find rather amusing). But... Um... my distaste for Speedos stems way back to when I somehow managed to accompany my cousins Amanda and Emily (I can't remember if it was just one or both) to some swimming thing. Either water polo, or something. In any event, all the guys were in Speedos... And I was repulsed. And I'm still not so sure how I feel about them... I guess it could be worse though. There's an amusing article on Speedos - - that I guess I agree with. If you're on a swim team or in a Speedo endorsed country awesome, wear a Speedo. Otherwise, eh, save it. Shawn argues that it helps get his thighs tan... Seriously? I love that boy... But who the hell sees his thighs? What is your opinion?

-I didn't have to get the safety and emissions inspection on my car this year because it's a 2008. That made me all sorts of happy.

-What the hell is a disco stick? Lady Ga Ga is a piece of work.

-I called the Utah College of Massage Therapy to see how much their massages were. 25 bucks for 50 minutes. I'm thinking I will make a trip next Saturday.

-I sold TWO textbooks on Ebay's website I felt totally awesome and $70 bucks richer.

-And finally, ecause I like winning things.... To prevent cervical cancer women over the age of 18 should get regular pap tests even if they have had the HPV vaccine. See for more information. Go get you a PAP TEST!

Pardon this posting's lameness. I try to make my life seem interesting - but sometimes it is to no avail...


  1. Aw Chels, I hope you find your shoe in time for the race! I'll be your slowsky runnning partner (I'll walk with you, I'll talk with you...) - you'll feel fast AND skinny.

  2. heehee. speedos. it's funny, i just grew up around them so i guess i don't notice or care. i can see how they would be disturbing to those who didn't grow up in a pool.

    love your bloggin'.