Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You'd Be Annoyed Too

I'm annoyed. For absolutely no good reasons at all. Observe:

-I find myself looking at the Spanx website.
-I don't have insurance - I do not have $300 to pay the bajingo doctor and the dentist.
-I can't keep my room clean.
-The vending machine in the basement won't take my damn quarters. I just want some mother loving STARBURSTS!
-Ever since the half marathon, the arch on my foot is driving me crazy.
-I hate the gym - but feel it necessary to go because of my weight.
-Speaking of my weight - I'm at the top end scale of my BMI - granted it's still healthy, but hell, what if I want some Starbursts every once in a while? OH WAIT! The cursed vending machine took care of that for me.
-I'm not athletic - nor will I ever be.
-Listening to people complain all. the. time. is annoying.
-I just complained about people that complain.
-The eczema on my arms refuses to go away.
-It's Tuesday.

Perhaps Wednesday will bring some pleasantries.


  1. For hellsakes Chelsea! You are beautiful. 20 years from now you'd chop off a toe to be at the weight you're at. You just ran a friggin half-marathon! Please join the club that I'm in: fit, fat, and happy. C'mon, it's fun in here! :) (And tell that boyfriend of yours to start chugging milkshakes. He's making the rest of us look like Michael Moore.)

  2. Haha, love Cathy's comment. Skinny legs. But seriously, I can think of about 10 or 15 more things wrong with you. You want to add them? Haha KIDDING! ;)