Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Okay. So in the month that I haven't written in my blog, I was constantly saying, "Oh, I can blog about this." Go ahead and ask me if I remember any of those moments. Naturally, I do not. (One) purpose of blog = to remember said moments. Epic Fail. In no particular order, here is what I managed to come up with.

-I hate when my blog doesn't have fun pictures of ME. Sorry people.

-On Labor Day, Shawn thought it would be fun to swim. Lets be honest, he just wanted to see me in a swimsuit. But ulterior motives aside, it was... educational. I've mentioned before that I don't know how to swim. To clarify, I can swim, I just look like an idiot doing it. I don't know the special swimming techniques. So he showed them to me. The best part was learning how to dive. Never in my life have I executed a successful dive. So he started out by teaching me the way he would've taught a 5 year old... on my knees. Any normal 21 year old would just do the knee dive, right? Nope. I was absolutely sure that I would somehow manage to scrape my face alongside the pool, or that some unimaginable thing would happen as a direct effect of my dive. Well after about 7 minutes of hunching over the pool, I rolled in. I finally got the knee dive down. The only problem was that I couldn't seem to hold my breath in when I hit the water. My body panics when it's thrust into deep water - and wants air. So naturally I inhale. Needless to say, it's not an ideal technique. I still haven't mustered enough courage or faith to do a REAL dive. Though I did get to the "standing dive." Belly flops and inhaled water aside, it was awesome.

-It is now Fall. I would like Fall more if I didn't immediately associate it with the fact that Winter is coming. Winter coming means earlier mornings, freeze my ass off weather, icy roads, slower driving, no flip flop wearing, and slush is all headed my way. Mother nature sucks.

-One day I was in my room, doin' my thang, and I thought I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. Ignored it. 5 seconds later I did see something move out of the corner of my eye. I look down to a disgusting mouse running across my floor. Shreaking ensued promptly followed by yelling at my dad to get it out of my room. He set a trap with peanut butter on it (who knew?) right next to my bed. Naturally, I'm still paranoid to go in my room - because you know, mice are born killers. I finally go to bed, totally freaked out that I'm going to have mouse guts all over my face in the morning as a result from the peanut butter trap snapping. To no avail, I woke up to an empty mouse trap. My dad eventually moved it into the hall, just in case the mouse escaped. The mouse certainly escaped. Oh yes. It escaped into my wall. So now instead of going to bed in fear of mouse insides on my face, I fall rapid scratching on my walls. Throwing 5 shoes at the wall phases the mouse in no way, as the creepy horror film-esque sounds continue. There is still a mouse in my wall. Hell, there may be mice in my wall. They need to die. Because I fall asleep disgusted, every. single. night.

-To prove my undying devotion to Mr. Boyfriend, I took him to a BYU game. I, Chelsea Chamberlain, am and will forever be, a Ute fan. Born and raised. Anyways... After unloading way too much money for tickets, I was highly disappointed in BYU's performance. Seriously BYU? Florida State? Really? Shawn is unduly determined to "convert" me to BYU. Baby you're awesome, but not that awesome. I even purchased and wore a BYU shirt. Sorry Utah.

-After the BYU game, I had dubbed Shawn the planner of part 2 of the date. So we head out with Shawn's brother Devin and his wife Lauren on a long and windy trip to Deer Creek. (Which Shawn pronounces 'Crick'... This irritates me right down to the core folks.) Anyways - after destroying some bathrooms (compliments of aforementioned long and windy road) we get there around 10ish or so and Devin and Shawn pull out some cardstock paper and posters and tell us we're going to be making origami boats! Totally awesome. We put them in the water and then, using flashlights as spotlights, threw rocks at each other's boats in an attempt to sink them. Twas the best version of battleship I've ever played. Try it. I dare you.

-I went to a company picnic several weeks back. Won 100 bucks and had my boss ask me if I was high. Good times, right?

-My SHOWS are back on again! Can I get a hell yeah for season premiers?! Bad news though. I have way too many shows to keep up with now. Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Heroes, and the newest addition, How I Met Your Mother. Crap guys. Guess which night they are all on? MONDAY. DVR can only take me so far people. Good thing I'm awesome and know exactly where to find them on the internet.

-I decided to take the plunge back into the student wards. Family wards are great and all, but I just don't get as much as I get in the student wards out of it. The lessons and comments and whatever all are a bit more geared to where I'm at in life. This means no more Sunbeams, I feel like I might go to Hell for saying I'm pretty pleased about it, so I'll just say.... nothing. Sunbeams did teach me one thing: I'll never go into early childhood education as previously pondered.

-Speaking of school - it's going okay. I'm over at Shawn's doing homework every night of my life. Amazing thing is, we really do do (do do... Baha... Friends reference) our homework. His living room wreaks of him and I in there for hours on end. I wish I found school more enjoyable, I really do. Oh well. You win some and ya lose some eh?

-A few weeks back, Shawn called me at work and asked what I was doing for lunch. I didn't have any plans so he said he wanted to make me lunch. When I drive home for lunch I only have about 25 minutes-ish to eat. So I drive over to Shawn's house and he has a table set for us and made sandwiches and fruit and Lunchables (Side note: Lunchables are the bomb.) It was the cutest thing ever. He gave me a massage and a rose. I sat amidst the awesomeness that is my boyfriend, trying to think of what he was sucking up for - only to realize that he was doing it because he's wonderful. I sorta like that kid.

-My coworker and I just discovered that there are Rules on the back of Burger King's crowns. I officially dub it the best game ever. Rule #2 is my personal favorite: "The King always gets his/her way." If you're wearing the crown, you get pretty much whatever you want. Awesome game, right? Date idea? I think so.

-I found this video the other day... And really just needed to share. My ovaries kick me when I see this. So cute and amusing.

The End.

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  1. Wow, Chels. BYU AND football? He doesn't deserve you :)