Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Monday 7

Here are the 7 (happy) reasons my weekend was better than yours.  

1. I went shopping at Target on Friday night while Shawn was at his mission reunion.  That's what happens when I'm left alone, I spend money.  Besides, I love Target... Purchasing things from Target is like a natural high to me.  Even the smell of Target just warms my heart.  Half of the reason I went was because I was determined prove to myself that I can still fit in size 9 jeans.  (Shawn took me shopping a couple nights earlier and I ended up totally bawling in the dressing room because none of the pants were fitting... Resulting in us leaving empty handed.)

2. I totally still fit in size 9 jeans.  Suck it Kohls.  

3. I got to go on a date in my pajamas.  I would live in my pajamas if I could.  Shawn made me breakfast on Saturday morning before conference.  French toast = love.

4.  General Conference.  It always inspires me to be better - and makes me realize how much I could improve on.  I'll be the first to admit that, yes, I didn't watch all of conference, due to how stinking tired I've been.  But the talks that  I did hear were awesome.  After one of the sessions it showed President Monson waving to everyone and then pointing to a couple little kids to have them come up and talk to him.  It was adorable, and totally turned on the water works.  The Church is true folks.

5.  I actually got to attend Sunday morning of conference, and see MoTab's "Spoken Word"  right before.  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir totally gives me the chills.  I've heard it's pretty tricky to be a part of MoTab, but I'm with my mom on this one, I'd love to give it a shot someday before I die.  Oh.  And... I got to use my pink umbrella with yellow polka dots.  With the exception of a giraffe umbrella with ears, it was totally the best one there. 

6.  I got to spend some time with my family.  We got together at my aunt Laura's house and played some games that ended up being fairly amusing.  *Scattegories Person* "This is what Obama is!"  *Family members in unison* "A RETARD!"  My family is awesome.

7.  Shawn.  I had an enormous mental breakdown last night.  I was on the verge of puking, I couldn't stop sneezing, my nose was filled to the brim with buckets and buckets of eternal snot, my head was on fire, and I was just flat out emotional.  But Shawn sat and hugged me, and kissed me - even in my sickly state - until I was laughing instead of crying.  I drenched his nice shirt in snot, tears, and makeup... But he didn't let go til I wasn't crying hysterically.  I love that boy.  I love that when I sound like a wailing Indian crying my eyes out, he will meow and purr like a kitten to make me laugh.  It's beyond quirky.  But I love it, and him.  :)


  1. i love it. i knew jason was a keeper when he stayed with me and held me while i cried and screamed and writhed in pain from menstrual cramps. and he went and got me ibuprofen and pads. love those good boys...

  2. Oh dear. I hope it wasn't the pie :) Get better soon.