Monday, December 28, 2009

Proposal: The Unabridged Version

Don't worry that I have 3 unfinished posts in my drafts folder.  I keep meaning to post some sort of update, because believe me, I have a books-worth of babble worthy material.  Sooo... Let's delve, shall we?  (Oh, though it may be a mute point by now, no Happy 7 today.  My bad.  Maybe traditions aren't my style.)

-It sort of seems like just a couple posts ago I was directing further marriage-related inquiries to Shawn.  Welp!  Turns out all his "pretending to think marriage would suck away his soul and was nothing short of Satan himself" was all just a big ploy.  Let me give you a breakdown of events:

-Every time I brought up anything remotely marriage/wedding/future related up, Shawn would, without fail, find some way to crack a joke demeaning any aspect of matrimony and subtly (or so he thought) change the subject.
-This may or may not have been highly irritating/soul crushing every single time.

-Although my dreams of wedded bliss, rainbows and unicorns seemed rather bleak - I continued to tenaciously bring up marriage whenever I felt like it.
-The above 3 bullets continued in a vicious cycle for what seemed like forever (which, in all reality, probably wasn't for that long - but for the sake of having an element of drama in my story, we'll say forever.)

-Fast forward to our trip to California (which was the weekend right after I took him to New York - more on that later).  We drove there to see a guy he had been teaching finally get baptized.  It was a wonderful experience to talk to all the people he knew in his mission and to see how much they absolutely adored him.  I loved being able to go with him and meet everyone.  Turns out 20+ hours in a car almost forces you to talk about stuff that is, well, future related.  Dun dun DUN.  I had asked him at one point if it was an "if" or a "when" we got married.  Because I got kind of sick of constantly saying, "Well if Shawn and I get married..."  He just made a joke at the time... But we were driving home from the baptism and he looks at me and says, "It's not an if."  Hearing that was the absolute most wonderful thing ever.  So naturally we start talking about what we want our wedding to be like and all that fun stuff on the way home.  At one point Shawn said, "Well gosh, I figured out how to keep you awake, I just have to keep talking about weddings."  Ding ding ding. 
-Apparently he'd been wanting to talk about weddings and stuff for a while, he just didn't want to yet because, and I quote, "I hate when people go around telling everyone they're getting married when the dude hasn't even proposed yet."  Understandable, I guess.  So this + me refusing to get married in winter + both of us agreeing that we don't want a long engagement = him trying to avoid the topic of marriage.  Complicated, right? 
-He still didn't want me really announcing to the entire world that we were planning on getting married until he actually proposed.  Hardest. Secret. Ever.  
-We finally took the plunge and visited our friends in the diamond business, Shane Company.  I've never felt so incredibly picky and annoying in my entire life.  There is an butt load of rings in that place.  I found myself feeling bad saying I didn't like the ones the chick would pull out and show me.  But I'm allowed to be picky, right?  At least that's what Shawn told me - and he was buying the ring - so I wasn't about to argue.  I finally narrowed it down to 2 rings that, if he gave me either, I would've been perfectly happy with.  Though one, I liked slightly better.  The girl absolutely loved said ring and this other dude said it was his favorite ring in the entire store when I asked him about both of them.  Perhaps they say that about all their rings, I have no idea. 
-Anyways, we went to some stores in the mall and found that nothing really compared and I was pretty happy with what we had found at Shane Company.

-So now I'm all antsy as all get up to get my ring when one day Shawn tells me that there's a couple in his ward who has a diamond business in their basement.  Supposedly they had a small shop that their son was now running in Las Vegas.  So he goes on to tell me that they have a few rings to look at in their basement and a catalog full of other rings.  A catalog.  He then told me that he found pretty much the exact same ring for a way better deal - and instead of free cleanings, we'd have to pay for cleanings and instead of a lifetime warranty, there would be a 5 year warranty.  I asked him how old these people are, he told me they were 70.  I am beyond ashamed to admit this, but I had a complete mental breakdown.  "You mean you found a ring that is 'pretty much' like my ring?  You mean that we have to pay to get my ring re-plated and cleaned?  Every time?  You mean you got my ring out of a catalog?!  You mean that the people you're buying my ring from might kick the bucket before my warranty even expires?!"  Yeah, I'm that bitchy guys.  Needless to say the next morning I felt awful about it - I apologized and said he could give me a ring from a Cracker Jack box for all I cared, I just wanted to be with him.  It occurs to me that when I'm expecting something, and it doesn't happen, I sort of... well... freak out. 
-So now I'm totally okay with my catalog ring, which according to Shawn, will be done on December 30th.  He said he told me so that way I wouldn't always be expecting something - because I was suspicious of virtually everything he did.  Way to take the fun out of a surprise Chels, right?  At one point I had even gone as far as to ask Darin if he knew when Shawn was going to give me my ring - which Shawn interpreted me as trying to "trick Darin into telling me" which is not what I was trying to do.  But he got all "upset" with me and said "You know Chels, it's a good thing I'm not lying to you, or this would be really hard."  So at that point, I totally believe everything he has told me thus far - and the prying halts.
-December 19th 2009 (after having gone wedding dress shopping - eeee - more on that later), Shawn has a totally awesome date planned.  Keeping in mind that I have absolutely no notion of any ulterior motives Shawn might have, as he takes me on awesome dates like this frequently.  I had kept bringing up the fact that a professional massage sounds oh-so-good in the past - and turns out nagging and persistence paid off this time.  He took me to Massage Envy for two awesome full-body, hour long massages.  Then we went to Texas Roadhouse for a late lunch/dinner.  I, by the way, love Texas Roadhouse.  I feel like a fat arse every time I walk out of there, but meh, it's some dang good grub.  (We actually ended up leaving our leftovers in our boxes on the table - which made me sad.)  Anyways, we were going to meet Darin and his date and Shawn's brother and sister in law at 5 to go sledding.  It was about 4, so we went and hung out with my family for a little bit.  Then we started driving up towards the capitol, where Darin had supposedly found a super awesome sledding spot.  Shawn had all the sledding stuff in the back seat.  On our way up, Shawn calls Darin on his big car speaker system thinger and Darin says that he's running about a half hour late because his date hadn't shown up yet.  So Shawn calls his brother, who is already there (because it's like 5:10 at this point) and tells him Darin is running late, and because Darin has all the sleds, Devin (Shawn's brother) suggests that since we're up by Ensign Peak we may as well go up there and check it out while we wait for Darin.  Since they were already there, they said they'd meet us at the top.  Keeping in mind, I still am like duhr dee hur... we're going to Ensign Peak... still oblivious. (Side note: Ensign Peak has significant meaning to Shawn and I back from our days in high school... We would go there all the time to watch the sun set.)  So we finally get there and Shawn gives me a super awesome pea coat that I've been wanting forever (as much as I love my bright blue Laco ski coat) and we start trudging up the snowy freezing cold mountain.  Needless to say I made comments about the fact that we were hiking in the dead of winter, and that it was freezing, and that I was going to fall clean on my hind quarters.  But the cold and my fat rear aside, it was a good mini hike up there.  We got up there and I noticed that Devin and Lauren (brother and sister in law) were no where in sight, which is when I started questioning.  I was smart enough to not kill the moment and say, "So liiiiike, where is Devin and Lauren?!"  So we looked off the edge at the view, which was incredible.  It felt like we were in heaven, because of all the smog, all the clouds were on top, and the only thing you could really see in the valley was the very tippy top of the capitol.  There was even a sunset behind all of it.  Observe:



So yeah, even though smog is nasty, it looked really amazing up there.  Couldn't have asked for a better setting.  So Shawn and I are just shooting the breeze about the smog and just whatever when he looks at me and the rest goes as follows (beware of intense cheese):

Shawn:  "Chelsea, I love you." 
Chelsea: "I love you more."
Shawn:" I've always loved you."
Shawn: Getting on his knee
Chelsea: "Dude, what are you doing?"
Chelsea: Realizing I'm about to get proposed to
Shawn: "Chelsea, will you marry me?"
Chelsea: Crying
Shawn: Shows me my Shane Company ring
Chelsea:  "No."  (Sidenote:  Inside joke here.  In high school when he asked me to be his girlfriend I looked at him and said "Pfft... No!" for shear reaction's sake - but was quickly followed by a "Just kidding, of course." 
Shawn: Waiting for the real answer
Chelsea: "Yesssss!  I love you!" 

Chelsea: "I hate you!" Upon realizing just how much he had tricked me, catalog ring included.



Devin and Lauren emerge from the mountainside taking video and pictures and documenting the entire thing.  I went into way more detail than I had anticipated.  But moral of this story is that I love Shawn, I always have, and I can't hardly wait to spend the rest of all eternity with him by my side.  The date is set for April 8, 2010, in the Salt Lake City Temple - and we couldn't be more thrilled.  I promise I'll try and update more often.  If you made it to the end, congratulations, you must have a lot of time on your hands.




  1. chels i cannot tell u how jealous of u i am!!! u r so lucky...oh and your narrative skills rock!

  2. Pfft i hate it when people tell people when they're getting married when the guy hasn't proposed yet tooooO!OOOOOO!!!!! Soooo bad. :P

    It sounds like the perfect story :) i am glad you blogged about it since now i never see you two :P

    Shawn, what a stud. I knew he'd follow through ;) haha
    SUUUUper happy for you two!!!! <3<3<3

  3. Chels I am seriously so excited for you! It was so fun to read your engagement story. I guess all of the waiting really does pays off! Congratulations!

  4. Ah! Congrats Chelsea!!! That's so exciting!!!!! :) :)

  5. Of course I made it! Happy times! Just wait until you have to give up your ring for sizing or cleaning or something, you feel so lost without it! You definitely know that it's your ring! Lovely story, darling! I can't wait for the actual wedding!

  6. Yay! I was wanting to hear this whole story! I'm so happy for you. Even though we don't work together anymore, I expect an invite missy! Congrats!

  7. Woot! Double woot! :)

    That is all. :)

  8. congratulations!!! i loved your story.

  9. awesome engagement story. i'm so happy for you!

  10. Oh.My.Gosh. that was the best story I've ever read!!! I love it!

    I always try and hint at my boyfriend about getting engaged too, but I know he wants to wait a few more years, which I'm honestly getting REALLY impatient. haha

    I'm glad it all worked out for you :)