Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Monday 7

This Monday Happy 7 is brought to you by...

(Hi Love!)

7 (of many) reasons why I absolutely love and adore my Shawn
(In no particular order)

1. He deals with my PMS.  Yes, you've read my rants and raves on this here blog - multiply that by 15 and add tears, bitchiness, and irritability.  This is what Shawn deals with.  What a gem, right?

2.  He doesn't throw a tantrum if I fart in front of him.

3.  His testimony of the gospel is unshakable.  He lives it every day and makes me want to be a better person because of it.

4.  He meows like a kitty when either a) he thinks I'm mad at him, b) he's trying to cheer my up, or c) he wants to make out.  This probably sounds particularly gay if you've never experienced Shawn gone feline.  But it's quirky, and I love it.  

5.  He's the ultimate gentleman.  Still opens every single one of my doors, gives me his jacket (even though I have far more *ahem* fluff to keep my warm than he does) when I'm cold, buys me flowers for absolutely no reason - you know, the good stuff.

6.  He works hard for everything he has.  His ambition is inspiring.

7.  He loves me - and he tells me every single day.  :)

I love you! 

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I'm annoyed right now.  I feel like I need to blog, and be sarcastic and caustic about something.  Blah.

-This month is open enrollment for health insurance.  I've been looking forward to it for almost a year, because I haven't had any insurance.  Not that it's a gigantic huge deal... But it's something I'd like to have, since I don't have it through my parents.  I need to go to the cooter doctor to make sure that I'm not dying of ovarian cancer - or something.  I need to go to the dentist so my teeth don't fall out.  So I go to this meeting all stoked to hear that I'll have 20 buck copays to go to the doctor and get some cheap birth control... No no.  They changed the plan.  Now it's some weird ass Health Savings Account plan where you pay 100% with a $3,000 deductible.  Great.  Before I get too negative, there are a few okay things about it.  My company is going to contribute 60 bucks a month into the HSA, preventative services (aka my PAP SMEAR) are free, and we get contracted rates.  But that's all.  Eff.  I hate getting older and having to pay for lame insurance.  At least I have insurance now, I guess.  I even went as far as to sign up for AFLAC accident and hospital intensive care coverage.  You know, just in case I get in some sick crazy accident and am totally maimed for life.  Good salesmen get me everytime.

-Speaking of insurance, my car insurance went up 5 dollars.  Life is hard.

-There's not a mouse in my walls anymore.  There are now mice in my ceilings and in my walls.  I cringe every time I hear one scratching the inside of my wall, or running across my ceiling.  Sick.  I miss our cat.

-I went and saw The Stepfather last night.  It was an okay movie - until the ending.  Horror movies without justice do not appeal to me, at all.  One of the chicks was constantly in a bikini.  So all the boys in the audience are constantly drooling over her throughout the entire movie - and all the girls would like nothing more than to punch her in the ovaries.  Though in all fairness, Penn Badgley was in there too... and he usually gets my saliva glands going.  Hunk a burnin' love right there.

-As much as I'm on Facebook, I have many pet peeves that stem from that website.  One of the biggest ones is people who use their status to constantly put happy, "motivational", rainbow and unicorn quotes on there.  Call me a grinch, but I find it highly annoying.  Perhaps the occasional, inspired quote is fine.  But for hell sake, do not change your status to some happy-go lucky piece of crap every two hours.  If I'm hormonal or pissy, the last thing I want to see is my Facebook page plastered in happy quotes.  So there.

-I tried winning Subway Scrabble.  Shawn and I got scary close to dumpster diving for unused codes. How pathetic does one's life have to be to consider dumpster diving for a thrill?  Alas, even with all my cheating, I didn't win.  Shawn bought four drinks once, solely for the codes.  Isn't he a gem?  There are people on Ebay who sell the "rare letters".  The amusing part is, is that some of them sell the letters for more money than the actual prize is worth.  Idiots crack me up... sometimes.

-Shawn and I got offered free Thriller tickets, but couldn't go because Shawn has class on Friday nights.  Who the hell goes to school on Friday night?  I love him, but man, he's killin me.  Instead I went to Smiths, in my pajamas, and purchased a pint of ice cream.  Then, went to the library, only to find out it was closed.  It was the epitome of sad.  Though the ice cream was well worth it.

-I'm not really sure what to dress up as for Halloween.  This might have pretty much everything to do with the fact that I don't have any plans whatsoever for Halloween.  Where there are a lack of friends, there are a lack of plans.  Shawn is absolutely hell bent on being a girl for Halloween.  And he doesn't just want to pull off the, "Oh look it's a dude dressing up as a chick.... Original." guy.  He wants to legitimately look like a woman.  He wants dudes to actually check him out.  He wants to shave his legs/pits and go tanning, for a more realistic effect.  Um... What?  I'm not exactly sure how worried I should be.

-It's occurring to me that I'm not sure there's any career I want to go into with the degree I'll have next year.  I still have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life as far as education and a career goes.

-Writing always makes me feel better.  Whether it's a journal entry, a letter to someone, or lame ass blog post... It's therapeutic.  So if you read this, thanks for bearing with my pessimism.  I was feeling rather irritated and had to bitch about something.  I'll have a nice mood swing for you with our Happy Monday 7... Deal?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Monday 7

Maybe sometime I'll try and actually post something on a day other than Monday.  For now, happiness shall have to do.  Today's post (in no particular order) is brought to you by:

7 Songs That Make My Heart Smile

Wrapped Up In You by Garth Brooks  
(This is just a happy song.  Love + Cheese = Happy) 

It's Raining Men by The Weather Girls
(Any song that allows me to sing along as if I were a big fat black sista, is golden.  Yes, 
Aretha and the Hercules muses totally fits into this category.  Ask anyone, if I could be 
reborn it would be either as a man or a big fat black woman.  I sho do love the sistas.)

Say Hey by Michael Franti & Spearhead
(See #1.  Also, see music video.  How is this NOT happy?)

Love Story Meets Viva La Vida by John Schmidt
(Dude - this is just straight up cool.  Gives me the chills listening to that kind of talent.)

Sold by John Michael Montgomery
(This song reminds me of country dancing, more specifically line dances.  I loved when 
this song would come on.  Country dancing = Happy.) 

Be Still My Soul - Church Hymn
(While there are plenty of church hymns I love and appreciate, if I had to pick my favorite, 
it would probably be this one.  Such a calming, peaceful song.)

Show Me The Money - Petey Pablo 
(This reminds me of the movie Step Up, which I love.  And it's also just an all around fun 
                                                                                         dancing song.)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Monday 7

Here are the 7 (happy) reasons my weekend was better than yours.  

1. I went shopping at Target on Friday night while Shawn was at his mission reunion.  That's what happens when I'm left alone, I spend money.  Besides, I love Target... Purchasing things from Target is like a natural high to me.  Even the smell of Target just warms my heart.  Half of the reason I went was because I was determined prove to myself that I can still fit in size 9 jeans.  (Shawn took me shopping a couple nights earlier and I ended up totally bawling in the dressing room because none of the pants were fitting... Resulting in us leaving empty handed.)

2. I totally still fit in size 9 jeans.  Suck it Kohls.  

3. I got to go on a date in my pajamas.  I would live in my pajamas if I could.  Shawn made me breakfast on Saturday morning before conference.  French toast = love.

4.  General Conference.  It always inspires me to be better - and makes me realize how much I could improve on.  I'll be the first to admit that, yes, I didn't watch all of conference, due to how stinking tired I've been.  But the talks that  I did hear were awesome.  After one of the sessions it showed President Monson waving to everyone and then pointing to a couple little kids to have them come up and talk to him.  It was adorable, and totally turned on the water works.  The Church is true folks.

5.  I actually got to attend Sunday morning of conference, and see MoTab's "Spoken Word"  right before.  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir totally gives me the chills.  I've heard it's pretty tricky to be a part of MoTab, but I'm with my mom on this one, I'd love to give it a shot someday before I die.  Oh.  And... I got to use my pink umbrella with yellow polka dots.  With the exception of a giraffe umbrella with ears, it was totally the best one there. 

6.  I got to spend some time with my family.  We got together at my aunt Laura's house and played some games that ended up being fairly amusing.  *Scattegories Person* "This is what Obama is!"  *Family members in unison* "A RETARD!"  My family is awesome.

7.  Shawn.  I had an enormous mental breakdown last night.  I was on the verge of puking, I couldn't stop sneezing, my nose was filled to the brim with buckets and buckets of eternal snot, my head was on fire, and I was just flat out emotional.  But Shawn sat and hugged me, and kissed me - even in my sickly state - until I was laughing instead of crying.  I drenched his nice shirt in snot, tears, and makeup... But he didn't let go til I wasn't crying hysterically.  I love that boy.  I love that when I sound like a wailing Indian crying my eyes out, he will meow and purr like a kitten to make me laugh.  It's beyond quirky.  But I love it, and him.  :)