Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meat and Potatoes

Okay - so now that you know the big news, let's move onto smaller details that hopefully won't take as long as that last one.

-I got a speeding ticket over the weekend.  Ironically enough, it happened as I was driving home from helping my parents with their blown out tire on the freeway.  Where's my karma?  Stupid Midvale cops, have they no mercy?  Happy fricking New Year.

-I bought my wedding dress yesterdayyyyy!  I absolutely love it.  I'd post pictures, except there are certain someones that aren't allowed to see it yet.  So if you want to see - let me know, and I'll direct you to a picture.  :)

-I just became a "ChaCha Guide" as of last week.  (*ChaCha, if you aren't hip and funky fresh, is essentially a search engine that you can text questions to and get an answer back from someone like me who is searching ruthlessly for your answer.)  To date, I've made a grand whopping total of $16.44.  It's something to do when I get bored - but sometimes the questions people ask are a bit beyond ridiculous.  "How long would it take to kill someone by hitting them with a pillow?"  Um, what?  There are a lot of questions about sports and cheats to games like World War Craft, or whatever that game is - so not my area of expertise.  I'm learning some new things however - like: Bach doesn't have any known living descendants, who knew?

-We finally picked our colors for the reception - green, pink and black.  If you hate the colors, then you can die.  It took a good solid 2 or 3 hours to finally choose.  Turns out being a sucky decision maker doesn't mesh so well with planning a wedding.  Something along these lines is what we're going for:

(Ps, I love these pink and black shoes - if you can find them anywhere, you can have my firstborn.)



-It occurs to me that a lot of my posts in the near future will probably have to do with my wedding - sorry if this bores you, but I can't hardly help it.

-Shawn and I have recently started watching Kyle XY.  It's about some computer dude without a bellybutton.  It's okay so far... Though I probably mostly watch it because Kyle is hotter than hell.  Observe:

-Shawn and I decided we're going to invite rich famous people to our wedding reception.  You better believe that Bill Gates and David Archuleta are on the list.  Don't judge us, a newlywed couple can hope.  (It occurs to me that inviting Oprah may be beneficial as well...)

-Speaking of "the list", getting addresses for our reception is nothing short of a kick in the rear.  We caved into the tacky Facebook "We need your addresses" group.  Though, people aren't seeming to grasp the concept of the group.  We've got 200+ people that have "joined" said group, however maybe 5% of them has given us their address.  If you're one of these people, please be smarter - don't join our group if you're not going to give us your address.  (Note: If you're family, you're pretty much off the hook - we have most of your addresses already. :) )

-I might get a promotion at work.  This will make my bank account smile.  

-(*Warning - TMI Bullet*) I took my very first trip to the lady doctor.  I failed. I was referred to another MD who has to check my goods out again to determine if I'll need a special kind of *cough* procedure.  I won't go into any more gruesome detail, but needless to say I'm sort of, kind of, petrified.  The good news is that I'm not dying.  The mediocre news is that my doctor prescribed me yet another kind of birth control.  So far the reviews I've read have moaned of "intense weight gone" and "complete loss of sex drive".  Greaaaat.

 -I went to the dentist for the first time in a really long time.  Now that I finally have insurance, I figure I may as well use it, right?  Well I go in there, expecting the worst - and pretty much got what I expected.  I'll admit, my flossing habits have been pretty much awful in the past.  Apparently my lack of flossing started to destroy my gums.  I guess they were all inflamed and shiz.  Gross?  I think so.  So Miss Perfect Set of Teeth goes on to tell me I'll need a "deep cleaning" in which I'll be numbed and drilled and all that fun stuff.  Then the insurance lady comes in to tell me that my "insurance" is more of a "discount plan" - Awesome. So 150 freaking dollars later, they "deep clean" my mouth.  Then tell me I'll have to come back to get my cavities filled.  Needless to say I haven't gone a day without flossing since.  It's a pain in the ass, buuuut I guess I'll have to live with it.  

-I'm really not looking forward to school starting.  Shawn has classes every single night but Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Kinda sucky.  I'm almost done.  But not nearly as close as I thought/want.  
-Shawn and I have started the "Wedding Workout".  Needless to say every ounce of my poor self is sore.  He's good at motivating me to not quit after 5 reps of whatever workout we're doing.  I kind of suck at working out - mostly because I feel ridiculous doing most the work outs - not too mention I feel like everyone is staring at my cottage cheese butt and my muffin top.  (I realize they aren't actually staring at me, but that's sure what it feels like.)  Trying to get in shape while on a birth control pill that will make me gain weight should be an absolute treat.  

-We're going on a cruise in May.  I could not be more thrilled.  With the exception of the fact that we'll be in the middle of the ocean.  What if I fall off?  And get eaten by sharks?  What if our cruise ship sinks?   What if pirates take over our ship?  You know, normal totally rational fears.

-I just went to Cafe Rio and didn't finish my burrito.  Go ahead, pat my back.

Okay, folks!  That's about all I can muster up for now... Keep it classy, internet.


  1. Cute wedding colors! :) I want to see your dress!!

  2. ditto to both above statements send me a pic of the dress.

    i hear if you send an invite the president they'll send you a congratulations letter.