Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whimsical Musings

-Um, anyone else sick of the "Say Hey" song that plays every single time you come to this page?  It's sad, really - I rather enjoyed that song at one point.  Now I can't turn down the volume fast enough when I hear it.  Few things drive me to insanity as much as an overplayed song does.  Taylor Swift, anyone?

-Ever notice the "Monetize" tab when you're writing a new post?  Um, convert my blog into money?  Yes, please.  There will now be ads on the side of my blog.  I'm almost positive that it will make me absolutely nothing.  But even if it's money-making potential is comparable to "Guiding" at ChaCha, it's something... maybe.

-Speaking of money, I didn't get the promotion at work.  Sigh.

-So Shawn and I decided that since school is probably going to soak up our lives this semester, we'd get a jump start on registering for crap for our wedding.  (Yeah yeah, we're not getting married til April... Bite me.)  First stop: the bank.  Did you know you could register at the bank?  All those lazy people who don't feel like getting dressed and driving to the store to buy a toaster can get online, type in their credit card information, and transfer money into our "Wedding Account."  Bam.  Done.  Completely genius?  I think so.  A bit impersonal?  Maybe, but heck, who cares?  I reason that purchasing something off a registry isn't any more personal, so it's kosher.  Lazy people unite.  (Note: We also figured that the bank account would be good for people from Shawn's mission (Hi Jim!) to use, that way they don't have to ship crock pots across the country - We're smart, we know.)  Anyways... We went and registered at, you guessed it, Bed Bath and Beyond (our budget).  They have so much stuff.  They told us we should probably register for as many people as we're inviting - well uh, thus far we've got a grand total of about 580 people on our address list.  $&#*@.  Luckily, a lot of those people are from Shawn's mission and people we know just gave us their address because they want an announcement, but have absolutely no intentions of showing up.  (I only say this because I may or may not be guilty of said charge.)  Anyways, we registered for cheap stuff (you know... Skittles, Sour Patch Kids - totally normal wedding registry items) and not so cheap stuff (Belgian Waffle Makers, Ice Cream Makers... you know, stuff that we'll never actually get.)  We decided that we didn't really want to register for any "linen" type items there, because that shiz is crazy expensive.  (You're welcome.)  So off we go to Target.  I love Target with every fiber of my being - words can't express how excited I was to scan crap that I wanted.  And believe me, we definitely scanned what we wanted, with little to no boundaries.  We attempted to scan a big screen TV, you know, just so people could laugh and make fun of our ignorance upon seeing our registry.  Turns out you can't register for big screen TVs... Just in case you were wondering.  Also, a disclaimer for the easily offended: maybe you should get our gift from Bed Bath and Beyond.  One last thing: the scanner dealies at Target are way funner than the scanners at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Just saying.  We realize that we'll get maybe 5% of the things we registered for, but it was still totally fun.  Don't be surprised to start seeing my Christmas/Birthday wishlist in Target registry form.

-TMI Bullet (Hi Geoff!): Birth control side effects are actually lessening now - at least as far as the crazy biotch syndrome goes.  I still get nausea sometimes, but it makes me eat less, which results in less cottage cheese on my butt cheeks and thighs.  That can't be all too bad, right?  I'm crossing my fingers for some silver lining on the sore boob front.  (That's right, I just told the world my boobs are sore.  You were warned.  Embrace the openness.)

-Bachelor bullet - if you don't watch the show, this bullet will probably mean absolutely nothing to you.  So I sort of got myself attached to The Bachelor.  I always thought it was kind of a silly show, that had (from what I've heard) little to no success in actually marrying off two people.  But man.  I totally love judging the crap out of all the superficial girls who think they're the queen.  And, I'm almost ashamed to admit I thrive off of their ridiculous drama.  And yes, I realize it's blatantly edited to make all the girls seem like blood sucking, power hungry, evil bitch whores.  But that's what I find so hilarious about it.  It's like a train wreck, and I can't stop watching.  I want Allie to win.  Shawn (Yes, Shawn - I'm that good) likes Elizabeth because she can throw a football and says she won't kiss Jake.  I think she's just smart and knows how to play the game - and is a total fake.  The internet (Oh yes, I researched.) says that they know who is going to win.  And I am so not thrilled with who they're saying it is.  So here's to hoping that they're wrong, and that I'm not perceived as a total loser because I watch The Bachelor.

-They say time slows down the closer you get to your wedding.  They couldn't be any more right.  (Not that I'm super close by any stretch of the imagination... But still.)

-I watched the movie "Fame" for the first time.  Nothing like a good old fashioned movie about extremely talented people to make you feel like a big piece of talentless crap.

-Lets try ending on a happy note... Shawn got a scholarship for this semester - which was incredibly good.  Turns out God isn't lying when He says He'll bless you for paying your tithing.  Hoo-rah. 


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  1. I love your blog, it makes me laugh :)I wanted to let you know that I have also fallen into the Bachelor trap! I have been upset for weeks because I have heard that Vienna wins and if she does I think I could maybe stop watching so maybe it is a good thing if she does!