Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life: Abridged Version

-I'm sick.  Great.
-No engagement pictures yet.
-Tax return gone.
-Wedding isn't getting any less expensive.
-Behind in school.
-Chest pains from birth control.
-Shawn is wonderful.
-Had a great Valentine's date.
-Still think Valentine's Day is lame.
-Shopping spree at Kohls, love Shawn.
-Got bridesmaid dresses.
-Still need freakin boleros/jackets... something.
-Need to get nasty hair done.
-Giant ass zit on my chin.
-Found place I want to live.  Sigh.
-Found place we're going to live.
-4 bridal showers in the works and counting.  Eeee!
-Want to be married.... now.
-Just swallowed BC pill without a drink - might throw up...

1 comment:

  1. Life's so much better when you're in love... with someone who's in love with you. :) I'm so happy for you!!