Thursday, February 18, 2010


You know you're marrying the right man when....

-He brings you McDonald's Sausage McMuffin and hashbrown at work because you whined about how hungry you were because of a missed breakfast.

-He buys you $80 worth of new clothes because you had a meltdown for not having anything to wear for engagement pictures.

-He, out of the blue, offers massages.

-He reminds you to take your birth control pill, even though it turns you into a crazy person sometimes.

-He'll log onto MSN and turn on his webcam just to keep you entertained at work.

-He calls you in the morning just to say good morning and that he loves you.

-He makes you feel like the most amazing woman on the planet.

Yeah, that's how you know.


  1. Awe, shucks! You're in love! Happy times!

  2. Uh, chels. Men who offer massages aren't exactly Ghandi. There's always something in it for them. You'll see. :)