Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Problems Solved.

So remember when I talked about all the things that worried me beyond belief about marriage?  Well let me just give you a nice little update...

-He used my loofah.  I punched him.  Problem solved. 

-He hasn't used my toothbrush... yet.

-Turns out I'm not the smother queen in bed.  No, that would be my husband.  He loves to snuggle when I'm dead asleep.  Remember how I like my space?  According to Shawn whenever he tries to spoon or touch me, I punch him and turn away.  I swear up and down to him that I have absolutely no recollection of this, as every time it happens I'm whisked away in dreamland (you know, dreaming about having dead babies. Sad.)  I'm pretty sure it hurts his feelings.  But I don't mean to punch him away.  The feeling of hot breath on my face while I'm trying to sleep, is not one I enjoy though.  So, I'm sure we'll figure something out.  

-We have Skim and 2% milk, and Mayonaise and Miracle Whip.  Problem solved.

-Shawn isn't on the couch in the morning because of my snoring.  No, instead he wakes me up to inform me that I'm snoring.  Every morning I wake up with a vague recollection of Shawn telling me I'm snoring.  My absolute most favorite time was when he said, "Chelsea, you have mastered the art of snoring."  I remember thinking in my mind that I wanted to kick him in the balls for waking me up to make fun of me.  But being that I was only 2% awake, I didn't.  He's learned now that if he cuddles with me, I stop snoring.  So he doesn't inform me of my snoring habits anymore.  He snuggles up close.  Which probably usually leads to him getting punched away - oops  As much drama as there is during the night, I still love being able to sleep next to my wonderful husband, it's totally radical.  Problem solved.... sort of.

-I definitely get my alone time when Shawn's at school.  Sometimes it's a little bit too much alone time, and I get lonely.  But I usually can find something to do.  Problem solved. 

-Virgin marrying a virgin, sure the acrobats of it all were a little awkward at first - and occasionally still are.  But, bluntly put, sex is magnificent.  Problem solved.

My new worries consist of:

-Having dead babies.
-Shawn dying.
-Hating our new ward.

Legitimate fears?  Probably not.  But, you know, whatever.


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