Thursday, April 1, 2010


Oh man...


-It is so crazy to be able to say I'm getting married in a week.  Sheesh

-I'm glad that Mother Freaking Nature is getting all this crap weather out of her system now rather than next Thursday.  The 10-day forecast promises sunny weather and highs of sixty degrees!  Hooray!  Not that you can really rely on the weather forecast, but, whatever.

-However, the fact that it's been sorta off and on crappy weather is making our video kind of hard to shoot, but it'll still turn out sweet, so I'm not entirely worried.
-I'm going through the temple today!  Kind of nervous, very excited.

-Still haven't done my bridals, don't even worry.  My aunt and uncle are doing them though, so I'm not entirely worried.  I still don't have the jacket back from my dress.  Talk about drama.  I've never been one to be a "bridezilla", but holy cow... This lady that was altering my dress sucked.  She did my dress just fine, but we were going from a size 14 to a size 6 - so she made the jacket too small.  So I took it back and it was still too small the second time.  So I took it to her house, where she just glared at me like I was Satan and in a huff said she would try to fix it.  So she drops it off for me to pick up at the store, and I do, and it still looks bad.  So my wonderful aunt calls and complains in the nicest way possible and we are directed to the "head seamstress".  My mom and I show up to meet this other lady and devil seamstress was there too, so it was already a little awkward.  So as the nicer lady is looking at it, devil lady comes in and starts having attitude as per usual, and my mom totally rips her a new one.  "You know what, I don't appreciate your attitude at all.  We spent a lot of money on this dress, and it needs to be perfect.  You have treated my daughter like crap - haven't even looked at her once since you've been in this room... You need to do a better job..."  Yadda yadda yadda.  Pretty sure I just stared at the floor the entire time.  It was so awkward.  The other lady just made excuses for her and said that "Some people have customer service skills, and other people don't."  Seriously?  Moral of the story is, if you ever get a dress from The Perfect Dress and need it altered, do not let Donna do it.  She's is the bitch of the century... Just sayin.

-Anyways, we're just pulling some last minute details together, but other than that we're pretty much ready to roll!

-We get to start moving into our apartment today, and I'm pretty excited!  I actually hate moving, but Shawn has been all packed for a good solid 2 or 3 weeks.  Needless to say he's looking forward to the move as well.  

-I realize that this post is all about wedding stuff thus far.... It's probably still not the end of it however.  Sorry.

-Everyone has been asking me how I'm going to decorate our apartment.  And the answer is very much, "I have no idea."  I'm not much of a "decorator".  I'm more of a sticky tack pictures up on the wall in a huge unorganized sneeze of a collage.  However, I'm quickly learning that I'm digging the red and black theme.  But it being an apartment and all, there isn't many options.  Especially when none of our furniture matches.  That is going to drive me nuts.  I want to go on a huge splurge and buy new everything so it will all match and look pretty.  But alas, new furniture is expensive.  

-I'm getting a red bump thinger on my ring finer right under my ring - it's making me paranoid that I'm allergic to it.  Hopefully it's just like... a wart.... or something.  (#84 thing I never thought I'd say in my life.)

-So pretty much all the presents I've (ahem, I mean, we've) been getting have been AWESOME.  I'm so excited to organize it all.  I'm impressed that we have only gotten 2 crock pots so far.  I have a friend that got nine.  Absurd, right?  We've received some pretty awesome stuff from everyone... I should get married more often.  ;o)  My only qualm about the whole business of showers and such is that complete awkwardness of it.  I never realized how awkward it is until I was in the hot seat opening everyone's presents.  Everyone gets all silent and just STARES at you waiting for some pleasant surprised expression of, "Oh my gosh!  Cookie sheets!  I have always wanted cookie sheets!  These will go wonderfully with my oven mits!  I can't WAIT!"  I mean, don't get me wrong, I've been happy with every single gift I've received so far - but I'm always paranoid that I'm not going to give the reaction the gift-giver is looking for.  Am I alone?  Or was it awkward for anyone else, too?    

-We're going on a cruise in May.... And I need it to be May.... now.  *Whimper*

Yeah I've been writing this for about 3 days.  I'm just going to end it.  

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  1. One week!! So exciting! I wish I were only a week away from my wedding day :) I'm sorta dreading the showers - being in the spotlight is so awkward sometimes! So I haven't experienced that yet, but I'm already with ya. Good luck with the remainder of the plans (and your dress)! Hope this next week goes by so fast for you! Eeek!