Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm On a Boat.

I'm going on a cruise in 3 days.  You probably aren't.  And because I'm a gem, I want to make you sort of jealous.  

5 delightful reasons you should hate me:

1.  I'm absolutely, most positively thrilled to be able to sleep in every. single. day. for a week.
2.  I hear there's dancing on cruises.  I haven't been dancing in ages.  Shawn and I will drop it like it's hot.  And we'll like it.
3.  Infinite food.  Ain't nothin like gorging yourself every hour of every day.  Because when you're in a different country, it doesn't count.
4.  Sun.  Enough with this piece of {bad word} weather.  I want warmth.  I want UV rays.  I want my skin to burn to an absolute crisp.  Okay, so not really.  But we all know that it won't actually tan, so red will do.
5.  No windows in the rooms?  Hello, nap time!

5 not-so-delightful reasons you should like me again:

1.  Um, anyone ever heard of the Titanic?
2.  Getting stranded in Mexico by some fluke of karma, and not being able to get back home because I don't have a passport
3.  Getting eaten by sharks.  Shiver.
4.  You know, the food is grand and all.  But uh, not looking forward to coming back 64 pounds heavier.
5.  My husband making me ride a donkey up a mountain only to ride a scary {bad word} zip line all the way back into the ocean.  Absolutely formidable.

I couldn't help it.


  1. have fun on your cruise! i am slightly jealous ;)

  2. Oh goodness, the zip line will be amazing!!! I would be jealous, but I'm headed to Cali tomorrow! Woot Woot!

  3. I'm jealous about the sleeping in because I don't do that even though I work at 11am because I have to walk the dogs.

    I might as well have kids. *sigh*

    In any event enjoy your cruise, I am jealous-- though to be honest if I even tried to sleep in, I'd fail cause my body hates me. :(

  4. Enjoy your cruise! I've been on 2 and really want to go another one sometime soon. *plotting*

    Unless you constantly hit the buffet, cruise food is actually served in correct portion sizes so you feel like you're eating a lot but not really. And you walk around the ship enough getting from place to place that it's easier NOT to gain weight :)