Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thanks, Animal Planet.

So basically Shawn and I have spent 75% of our weekend thus far watching "River Monsters."  The show consists of this crazy man who goes all over the world catching fish from Hell.  Please observe the reasons I will never get into any natural body of water, ever again

This is a catfish.  Apparently they eat people.  Great.

Looks fairly harmless, right?  This gem of a fish swam up a dude's pee stream and into his manliness. 
Oh, and don't worry that there's a species of this fish (the canidru asu) can bite through any type of flesh, and get inside an organism and eat all the insides.  Yes folks, this includes humans

I'm positive that this one speaks for itself.

Goliath Tigerfish, anyone? 

400 pound stingray.  Good holy {bad word}.

Pretty sure my point has been made.  These sons of {bad word}es now haunt my dreams.  Thank you, crazy lunatic fish catcher on Animal Planet.


  1. Not the best post for me to read right before our family fishing trip! Holy crap.

  2. I miss you... and your crazy words!

  3. Oh my word! I love catfish. I'll never be able to eat those bottom feeders again :-(
    Great Post!!

  4. Omigosh! That's crazy. That top one is sooo big. That's freaky. I could NOT do what that dude does. No way!