Friday, May 7, 2010

Things You Never Really Wanted to Know

Remember the Facebook craze of writing 20 totally random things about yourself that no one really cares about?  I sort of loved doing that.  Because I sort of love talking about myself - and I'm positive that fact has been made unconditionally clear through this entire blog.  So, since I'm awesome - I'm going to give ya'll a taste of just how dynamic I am.  Really.  You're thrilled, I know.

1. I compare myself to pretty much everybody - and I make myself crazy doing it.
2.  If you make me laugh too hard, and my bladder is full, I will pee my pants.
3. I use a thesaurus when I write my posts to sound more cool and intelligent.
4.  I'm terrified of getting stretch marks.
5.  I may or may not get offended when 60+ people read my post and 0 people comment on it.
6.  I secretly hope the world doesn't sacrifice Justin Bieber to the gods.
7.  I pretend that I don't care what anyone thinks of me.  But I totally do.
8.  I am never satisfied with my body temperature.  It's either too hot or too cold.  Always.
9.  I'm the douche that speeds up just so you can't pass me.
10.  I worry that, by some fluke of nature, my birth control will fail.
11.  I'll go to movies by myself, but can't seem to muster the courage to go to dinner stag.
12.  I haven't always known that Alaska is attached to the continent.
13.  I've never read the Harry Potter books and have absolutely no intention of doing so.
14.  I'm secretly bitter towards people who probably have absolutely no idea that I'm so.
15.  I prefer eavesdropping stranger's conversations than having my own.
16.  I sit on the same side of the table as Shawn when we go out to eat.  Always.
17.  I enjoy being home alone.
18.  I have way too much nose hair.  And chin hair.  And mustache hair.
19.  I worry that I'm completely tone deaf.
20.  I'm sort of nervous our cruise ship is going to pull a Titanic and sink.  Rational fear.

You loved it.  I know you did.


  1. Read it. Made a comment.

  2. I kinda hate when no one leaves me comments. I mean, I took 30 minutes to write the dang post, you can take 30 seconds to comment. So here is your official comment from yours truly.

  3. Okay I loved doing these "random stuff about me" things too. And I prefer eavesdropping to conversing, and I like being home alone. Call me reclusive. Whatever. I think some people are just afraid to be alone with their own thoughts. But I find myself quite entertaining.

  4. Does nobody study geography or look at a globe or ever figure out that Alaska is not an island? You people are weird. I must comment, not because you're begging people to, but because my soon-to-be-wife is from Alaska. One day Sarah is talking about how she and her dad drove down here for school and my little sister can't for the life of her figure out how they did that! And because they put it in a separate box at the bottom of some maps is not a legit excuse. K bye!

  5. Every woman worries about what other people think. Until they're 50 - then they don't give a crap. I can't wait until I'm 50.

  6. Oh my gosh! Reading that was epic, and we totally have a bunch in common! I'm tempted to throw one of these in my blog, so my audience can get to know me better, but you just pull it off so easily. While I have 18 in common, I don't think I could EVER admit that on my blog! It's great that you can though :)

  7. I never even though about putting the twenty random facts on my blog...great idea! It was fun to get to know you more :) I have to agree, I didn't always know that Alaska was separate. Thank goodness for maps! haha

  8. Heheheha!
    That's cool... er um AWESOME! (sorry my Miz impression doesn't translate in type well)

    Saw you on the SITS/BlogFrog and came to say hi.

  9. I'm the other douche that speeds up so no one can pass me. Haha! I get such a thrill out of it, and will mutter, "I always win, Jack." (Titanic quote) as I go on and win the battle with the other car. So... yeah. I feel ya.

  10. Here from BF!

    I love your list! It's so honest! Fabulous!!