Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Watch Me Get Famous

So can we just start out with this little gem?

I can't decide if I think this is hilarious, or disgusting.  I'm mostly curious as to how that "talent" surfaced.  And how she gets her kids to stand completely still while she catapults knives at their cute little faces.  Whatever, happy almost Mother's Day!

-Shawn got me a new phone, because I had to forsake my relationship with T-mobile to get with AT&T.  (Most expensive break-up ever.)  Anyways, my phone is completely awesome.  And as if I'm not on the internet enough as it is, I managed to talk Shawn into getting me a data plan so I can stalk people from the comfort of my toilet seat.  Or you know, wherever.  I think I'm mostly excited because I have a "hip" phone.  I usually get the "cool" phone 2 years after it's cool.  Look at me, hip and funky fresh with my totally touch screen.  Giggity.  My husband loves me.

-I have randomly got sucked into the Jazz Playoffs.  Normally I really don't give a flying fart what they win or don't win.  But my word, this is like life or death.  You'd think I'd have gambled my firstborn on the Jazz winning.  I still don't know a whole ton about basketball - like, you know, how foul shots work or that the Nugget's coach used to play for the Jazz.  I swear all that information is like genetically encoded into dude's DNA.  And what is the deal with Carmelo Anthony?  He's a douche as far as I'm concerned.  And remind me of chocolate.  (That was totally not a racist comment, by the way.)


-I realize that blogs aren't nearly as fun without pictures.  Especially blogs as long as mine.  My error.  I'll work on that.

-I went through all my missionary letters the other day.  Some of them were highly amusing.  Others, I'm not really sure what to do with?  How offended would you be if someone gave you back all the letters you wrote them whilst on your mission?  Because I feel like, I probably won't ever read most of them again - aaand, it'll create a better journal for them than for myself.  Shawn said he wouldn't be offended depending on who it is.  "If it is just some random married chick from my past, that'd be okay."  Well, thanks dear.  What do you think?  What about pictures?  I have a {bad word} load of pictures of the same people, that, well.... are really only going to collect dust.  Do I throw them away?  Return them?  People, this is serious stuff.  Help me.

-Am I any less of a person for visiting Wal-Mart 2+ times a week?  Because I sure feel like the greeter judges me every single time I walk in there.  "Welcome to Wal-Mart... [again]."

-We're going on a cruise in 12 days.  Holler.

-I secretly wish I were famous.  You know, a Cinderella story of sorts.  Plain girl goes to Wal Mart, movie producer senses how awesome plain girl as she picks out a series of dollar frozen dinners, movie producer approaches plain girl and asks her to be the star of his next hit blockbuster.  Done.  Only problem is, movie producers probably don't shop at the Sandy Wal Mart... Or Wal Mart period.  {Bad word.}  Okay, so that's probably not the only problem.  But isn't it fun to think about?  You want to be famous too, admit it.

-We bough two pets.  Their names are Burrito and Alfredo.  They are puffer fish... and I think they hate us.  We haven't been telling them we love them daily, as per the crazy fish lady's advice.  That's probably why.

Godspeed, internet.

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  1. I toilet text too. So much so that I now get BORED without my phone when doing my business. And if it were me I'd want my letters back. I've actually thought about that with some of the missionaries I wrote. Like, hey, if you don't want those letters anymore I actually wouldnt mind them back because I've always been pretty good at writing people but super BAD at journaling. Have to salvage what I can for the memories of my life. They can't expect you to want to scrapbook them, right?