Monday, July 5, 2010

Award Winning Pad

Sorry if you were expecting a post full of menstruation terms and my take on different brands of party favors.  Maybe I'll do that sometime later.  (Yeah, totally just kidding.)  I promised ya'll a virtual tour of our super awesome apartment, and I've delivered.  A few things to keep in mind...

-This was done on a camera, which is why the quality is... well, not stellar.
-I'm an awful camera person.  You will find yourself having to tilt your head a few times.  My bad.
-If Shawn looks like he's humping our bean bag.  Please disregard.
-I probably spend more time on what's in our cupboards then our actual apartment.  Don't act like you aren't curious.
-In my attempt to refrain from getting too detailed, I sort of speed through everything.  It's still legit, though.

And without further ado, welcome to our hip and funky fresh home!

Oh, and I almost forgot....

So there you have it, our super marvelous home!  We love it.  And now that you're super impressed with our mad decorating skills, our stocked freezer, and our super affable pet(s?), I can't blame you for loving it too.  We love having people come over, so don't be shy.  You saw all our fun stuff, come over!  Unless, you're an internet creeper.  Or any sort of creeper for that matter.  We only require that you maybe sort of notify us.  No one needs an Elder's Quorum repeat.  Just saying.


  1. Loved it! And I did watch the whole thing. Okay, those pigeons are weird. The pad is awesome!

  2. so you aren't going to write a post with PAD TAMPON PAD TAMPON MENSTRUATION over and over?

    How disappointing. Ha, ha!

    Everyone needs a ginormous beanbag chair to make a proper home!

  3. I can't wait to watch! My volume is being tempermental so I have to restart the computer before I can hear anything! :(

  4. I love your home! It's no wonder you like entertaining :)

  5. I just love you already. It's so nice to meet a Mormon who isn't all stuffy and Molly-ish. I'm not knockin' the Mo's, cause I'm one, too. I just didn't know there were other ones who also used the word ass on their blog.