Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

 Are you dying to know the story behind this gem?

It goes a little something like this:

Husband starts getting frisky with wife.  Wife, not feeling particularly impassioned, swats wonderful husband away - thus earning herself even more wife points.  Husband continues to attempt to try and seduce wife.  Wife whines about being too tired.  Husband makes one final attempt to initiate the happy dance - only to be denied yet again by his prize of a wife.  Husband then proceeds to put on 624723748923748923 layers of clothing.  When wife inquires what on earth he's doing, he replies in a sad, shunned little voice:
"If I have enough clothes on, I won't be tempted to take them all off."

Funniest. married. moment. yet.

I love that my husband can feel completely rejected, and still manage to have a sense of humor.  I think he had 4 pairs of pants on, like 5 jackets, and then... well, you can see the rest.  (That's what I get for leaving my crap strung from Hell to breakfast.)  I love even more that he let me document the moment and gave me permission to share it.  (You're welcome.)

I might add that probably my favorite part of the picture is the little cameo of Jesus off to the side.  It somehow managed to strike me as extremely amusing after I took the picture.

I love my husband dearly.  His efforts don't go unrewarded.   



  1. THAT is hilarious. I admire his sense of humor. Mike would probably guilt me to death.
    I like your man's style! :)

  2. You have a very good man! Cute bra, by the way.

  3. See my husband would do that only to fend me off. Lol. I'm the horndog in the relationship. >:)

  4. OMG. That's amazing. I LOVE IT! Following you now!

  5. BTW, Jesus is behind him watching him. It's like he is an angelic clothes monster.

  6. LOL too funny! You are lucky to have a husband that is uninhibited enough to let you post him for the whole world to see! You guys are too cute and It seems you have a good marriage going on there...


  8. hehehehehe...priceless!

    somewhere around here i have a pic of my husband in one of my old lycra-ish deep v neck t's from a lifetime ago. yeah, you better believe skin tight.
    oh, and the wait-for-it? in the pic he does his prego pose! hullo!!!! so hilarious. all he needs a more "moobs," a wig, and a little lipstick.

    not quite as fun as your pic, but hilarious & incriminating just the same. love it!

  9. Im right there with him. I always have to work hard to get the Pants Off Dance Off started. Its not fair that you all do this to us.

    Your tired??????? Give me a break. Wives use this excuse. What is 5 minutes out of your night.????!!!!!

    I am starting to be on your husbands side more and more every post you write

  10. i like that he put the bra and undies on over everything.

  11. Hi! This is completely hilarious. I wish my husband had a sense of humor like that! I found your blog from Blog Frog's follow Friday and you certainly deserve another follower! I laughed my way through your main page and your clay animation was awesome I might add! It'd be great if you would take a moment and visit my blog. I just posted my very first giveaway and I'm so excited about it. I'll see you around!
    Julie @Bunches of Bargains

  12. Not sure which is funnier... this post, or the follow up comment by This Daddy that said, "What is five minutes out of your night??"

  13. awwww he's such a wonderful hubby!! :)