Monday, July 12, 2010

Hormones... WEE!

You know how sometimes girls cry for the most asinine and absurd reasons?

Please observe a few instances from this weekend - Love, yours truly.

1.  My friend said something directed at me in Spanish, provoking my other Spanish speaking friend to rub my stomach and say, "Congratulations!"  Whoa buddy.  I don't care who you are.  Just because I wear a pregnant fatso shirt, doesn't mean you can crack jokes about me being pregnant.  Locked myself in the bathroom after that one.  It amazes me how much guys don't think before saying dumb crap.  (And don't even get me started on the good intentioned, yet constant cracks about eating for two...)

2.  Finally saw Toy Story 3 - and while tears weren't streaming down my face, I was definitely holding them back.  I know I'm not the only one, which is why I don't feel as retarded admitting it.  However, it's much easier for me to admit that I was misty eyed in Toy Story 3, than having to explain why I was bawling during Brother Bear.  (Laaaaaaame.)

3.  Saw Knight and Day as well.  I cried out of the sheer awfulness of this movie.  (And out of pity for Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz attempting a horrific comeback.)  Okay, so I didn't really cry.  But I wanted to.  Worst. movie. ever.

3.  America's Got Talent?  Seriously?  It was the episode where everyone was finding out whether or not they made it to Hollywood.  Yeah.  I'm lame.

4.  Once upon a time I purchased the Glee soundtrack on iTunes.  I seriously don't know what my issue is.  Journey songs, every time.

5.  Last night Shawn wanted to play sports with a bunch of random people... But since I suck at sports and usually end up sitting out anyways, (not to mention the absolute hobo look I was donning) I wasn't all that thrilled at the prospect of attending (an event that was specifically for single people, I might add.)  Anyways, after trying to decide what would get him in the least trouble with me, he finally went and got his sport on.  Wrong.  A few dramatic pity tears were shed for myself as I drove home deciding which privileges he'd lose for the night.  Wife points...

Basically my hormones have been going just a tiny bit skiwampus.

However, that said - the weekend brought plenty smiles as well, lest you think I spent the entire week sobbing.  Things like...

-Buying Play-Doh for Part Two of the claymation movie we made once upon a time.
-Something that may or may not have to do with a home loan and new granite counter tops.  Shhh.
-Shawn cracking a Woody joke after seeing Toy Story.
- Not showering at all on Saturday. 
-Managing to continue to fly under the radar at church - as far as speaking in Sacrament Meeting goes.
-Hangin' out with the whole fam damily for my dad's 49th birthday.  (Hi, dad!)
-Oh, and Ashley just came and visited me at work and brought her super adorable baby boy(Small whimper.)

Anyways, there's your Monday update.  

Congé, internet.




  1. On the Note of #1 URG is all I have to say! Not of fan of people who speak before thinking!

  2. Sometimes a girl just needs to cry it out!

  3. Oh my! Poor you, Chelsea!

    One of Craig's favorite lines is "whole fam damily!"

  4. I cry all the time too. Maid in Manhattan yesterday. Bawling.
    My husband isn't very good with tears. And he lives with 3 girls.

  5. I'm not much of a cryer, but I do get misty eyed over a few things (Toy Story 3 included) here and there.

  6. I bawled through Toy Story, but Ben cried too so don't feel too lame. I remember the crappy figuring out birth control hormones. I was a MESS our first year of marriage, and then finally gave up and went back to normal. Good Luck!

  7. You named it to a tee, Anastasia's Attic. I wanted to try on every hat in there, but my family was getting annoyed with me. haha.

    And I totally need to see Toy Story 3 asap for a good cry. I hear it's cute!

  8. Just FYI: I BAWLED during Toy Story 3. Many times. Let it out. Just let it out.

  9. I've always hated that hormone hell. Now I'm going through the other end of the spectrum and it is just as yucky...from PMS to menopause. What's a girl to do?!

  10. Bwa ha ha ha this is SO me lately. Except I have bee having full blown melt downs. Oh yah, totally got choked up, may have shed a tear, at Toy Story 3.