Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm an Adult. I Promise.

Remember that one time I showed you our super cool claymation video?

Well, we finally made another one.  Though I have to say, it might not be quite as good as the first, because we didn't have our tripod, so it's at an awkward angle.  You can't really tell exactly what's going on because of said angle.  And there is like 8,943 things going on in each scene.  Oh, and the backdrop isn't nearly as kick-ass as the first one was.  (With the exception of the rising and setting sun.  That was my complete genius at work.  Except I wasn't the one moving it, so don't be surprised the sun when it zig zags across the sky.)   So, you know - just go with it.

The only thing I was in charge of was clicking the camera button.  (Which I may or may not have still managed to screw up, occasionally.)  So if you hate what goes on in the actual meat of the clip, direct those inquiries to my husband and his buddy.

Here's some pictures to preface the clip that I know you're just dying to watch.

Behold, the creations of fully grown adults.

 Here is my husband and his friend - who has a borderline creepy man-crush on him.  (Hi, Taylor.)  And here is the Funfetti cake they so proudly burned baked before creating our masterpiece.

 I made these ALL by myself.  I did not Google image "Play Doh figures."  *Cough*

I can proudly say that this genius idea came right out of my genius brain.  Egg - Chicken - Breakfast.  Get it?  I am a creator, fools.

And now for your feature presentation.

The lovely background tunage is brought to you by Reliant K's rendition of "Manic Monday."  (Remember that song?  I totally loved it once.  Ah, the 90s.)


And yes, that is dental floss holding up the butterfly at the end.  We're professionals.


  1. how fun!!

    how long does it take you guys to make a video like that???

  2. Wow. I know you kept hinting at the childlike nature of what you had done, but I mostly feel like a loser right now cause my life is nowhere near as cool as yours. obviously. Now I have to go watch the other one. I love it!

  3. Oh my God, I cannot tell you how much I needed a laugh today! This was awesome! I think I laughed the most hysterically at the cast of characters though... oh man...

  4. ok, so my daughter is waaaay into this as well, and she makes them all the time. my prob? haven't figured out how to take all her images and actually turn them into a movie/video clip. any suggestions on that part? otherwise they're stuck on her mem card for her to scroll through way fast on her camera. =( i suck.

  5. Monster Me! (Taylor)July 29, 2010 at 5:46 PM

    Oh this man-crush isn't just me for Shawn, the favors are returned!!! And Monster Me is totally the star of the movie. Without him making love the Shroom... it just wouldn't have worked out. Good idea though Chels. I love hanging out with you guys, you're just so creative at having fun things to do, even if it does include kicking your butt at cards.

  6. Sherri - It took us a good solid 3 hours. Quite the time consumer - but fun!

    LKP - My husband just put it all together in some sort of Windows Movie Media type of program. I seriously really didn't pay attention when he did it. So I'm basically no help.

  7. Funfetti is perfectly paired with playdoh. Good job, guys!

  8. That is awesome. I can only imagine the time you all put into that. wow!

  9. Man, I really love funfetti.

  10. AWESOME!!!! I also wanted to mention that Tay you're awesome!! I never knew about this man crush, although looking back I do see the subtle hints. Dang why am I not as awesome as all you guys are!!!