Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Memory Card Purge: Episode 1

So, some of you may or may not have noticed that I posted something yesterday.  And when you excitedly bolted over to my slice of the internet to see what deep, inspiring thing I had posted this time, you were sorely disappointed when there wasn't anything new.  Sorry.  Sometimes I get too ahead of myself and manage to publish a post way before I'm even close to finished with it.  Blogging is just so damn fun.

So for all of you who cried yourself to sleep because I let you down, fear not - here are all the pictures/videos from the Milne memory card that don't particularly deserve a post of their own - Version 1.  I guess the concert pictures could have maybe managed their own post, but meh - who doesn't like killing 13 birds with 1 stone?  I'll number all the pictures, for your commenting convenience.  *Cough*  Enjoy.

 Speaking of birds, remember that one time I showed you the pigeons that had shacked up on our balcony.  Turns out they left us a present.  Nay, two presents.  Oh, and that big stick totally wasn't there before - them pigeons are mighty strong sons of guns.  Or as Shawn so lovingly refers to them, "rats of the sky."

I promise my husband isn't disabled... usually.

This is from when we went on our cruise.  Totally random picture on a totally different memory card than all the others.  It almost looks like an awkward maternity picture... almost, as in I doubt I'll be growing a fetus in my hip.


One time we went to a Secondhand Serenade concert hours after returning home from Shawn's half marathon in Bryce Canyon.  He was the one who wanted to go in the first place.  So he very sweetly asked me on a date - and then proceeded to sleep through the entire thing.  

And then, naturally, I complained about it to my camera.  Because that's what I do.

Shawn and I have this friend named Darin.  Darin is an attractive single dude.  Because of this, Darin dates attractive single super models.  Meet Barbie, Darin's blind date.  (Okay, I think her name was really Molly, but that's beside the point.)  They came to aforementioned concert with us.  She seemed cool, but I secretly hated every perfectly proportioned ounce of her.  I told him he is allowed to marry someone that is just a little bit better looking than me.  I would rather not be the ugly wife by a colossal margin.  Sorry, Barbie - you're just too pulchritudinous (Thank you Thesaurus.)  Maybe next time.

If you know anything about Utah, you know that BYU fans and University of Utah fans are... well, divided.  Shawn is a die hard BYU fan. Me?  Not so much.  I come from a long line of U fans.  Anyways - one day I came home to find this flag hanging on our wall.  Nice try, husband.  But I'd sooner hang a dead moose carcass on our wall than don the BYU flag.  Needless to say it didn't last very long.

I was feeling extra domestic one morning and decided to make German Pancakes.  I have no idea if it was supposed to get that out of control - but it tasted good.  Booyah suckas, I can cook.  

Sometimes I'm awesome and shoot my husband with Nerf guns while he cleans.  (My wife points are exponentially increasing.)  Sometimes I'm so talented that I make it from here.

to here.
(Let's pretend like the toilet is clean, mmmmk?)

(Let's also pretend that I didn't just have a client walk up right as I posted the picture of the toilet, and ask me if I was a blogger.  Way to be professional, Chels.)

 Nerf guns and all, Shaw still loves me enough to make me (huge) awesome meals.  Woot.  (I am really not a fan of the word 'woot', but I just couldn't think of a better word.  Where did woot even come from?  Ahem, I digress.)

  Everybody throw your butt in the air, wave it around like you just don't caaaaare.  I have no idea what was happening with these chicks.  But it was too amusing to not take a picture.  So, if one of these bums belongs to you... sorry.  I couldn't help it.  Oh, and what the hell were you doing?

Don't even get me started on this chick's bad hair extensions.  This picture (compliments of Shawn) doesn't even do it justice - even when it's extra large.  Her and her little bee bop bestie, Paris Hilton kept me entertained at the concert while my date was sleeping.

Oh, and for you Secondhand Serenade fans... here you go.  I'm thinking he was sick or something, because he couldn't hit his high notes to save his life.  Oh, and Kevin Federline called, he wants his tank top back.  

And thus concludes the fun that is Chelsea and Shawn's camera.  

Stay tuned. 



  1. The butt in the air picture is too funny! I love that you captured it. Every time I try to take pictures of idiotic strangers, they catch me. It's awkward.

    And I tried to make German Pancakes once, but it turned out looking a bit like flan. Not tasty at all.

  2. Chels- you are so funny. I thank you for your such talented blogging skills. Always makes me laugh. You are just rackin' up those wife points aren't you!? haha love it.

  3. Chelsea, I can never tell how old you are. Sometimes you look like you're really 17 and other times, like you're older than me!

  4. Oh darling dear! You look so pretty in your pictures. And it's okay that you have a 'special' hubby. All guys are special in their own specially special way. Also, that German Pancake looks perfect. Mine always grows like crazy! Nicely done!

  5. Way to be super awkward, Liz!

  6. You crack me up.

    Hats off to your nerf gun skills. ;)

  7. Love this entry - you are funny!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Okay, the German pancake and the Barbie comments made me laugh. Seriously, why do they let people that pretty out to mingle with us humans? They should all be locked up somewhere...