Friday, July 2, 2010

Stop Rhyming And I Mean It......

Roses are red
Work is boring
If I don’t do something now
I will start snoring
Instead of bulleting another list sublime
I’ve decided to make this post a rhyme
I know, I know – you’re totally excited
Believe you me, I’m 6 kinds of delighted
Turns out writing gay poems is something I fancy
The only word that seems to fit here is the name Nancy
Now all you poem writers, don’t get all up in my grill
I’m not really a poem writer, so maybe you should chill

Now to begin my melodious list
And pray to God that you guys won’t be pissed
First of all I’d sure like to comment on
My dear, sweet husband, who’s name is Shawn
The other night we did agree
That with some friends we’d play some Wii
So thus began our combative duel
And upon every loss, my anger did fuel
I don’t understand why I get so upset
Why my husband and friends pose such a threat
But needless to say, after they said their goodbyes
The stupid {bad word} Wii game I did despise
I seriously hate losing and having no skill
I’m going to go ahead and blame my birth control pill
So how am I doing?
Do you love my rhymes?
Does it make you more enthused for subsequent good times?
Well fear not Internet, because I’ve got more
All sorts of rhymes I have in store
I’m not really sure how long I’ll keep trying
Cause honestly here, I’m doing some seat of the pants flying
Now that I’ve told you that my rhymes are only starting
I find myself at a loss of words, and my brain totally farting
So I’m sorry that I’m ending this short, I hope you’re not too sad
But you gotta admit 35 lines of poetry ain’t really all that bad
So if you liked the dose of rhyming fun, in a comment please do tell!
Because I would hate to put you through another post of poetic fruity hell.
...Anybody want a peanut.


  1. I am thoroughly impressed with your rhyming skills.

  2. I love it. It's beyond on my skill level and I could feel your emotional struggle with the wii. Awesome!

  3. "Fesick, are those rocks up ahead?" "If they are, we'll all be dead!!!"

    That was awesome.
    Next time I'm not feeling up to working, I will totally do a rhyming post!

  4. I can't find an e-mail address for you, or I totally would have saved this for private viewing!

    You aren't creepy at all for commenting on all my stuff - I totally did that to you the other day and I don't consider myself creepy, so... :)

    I know about the kitten! Blood all over the walls. I will never trust a pit bull. I don't care how well trained and loved it is - I won't go there. And my kids are absolutely not allowed to play at anyone's house who has a pit bull. Period.

    And since you mentioned Beavers...

    Have you ever been to Kamas? It's near Coalville and Park City - kinda. We pass it on the way up to Mirror Lake in the Uintas. There is a NUDIST COLONY up there, just outside of Kamas, and it's called Beaver Creek Nudist Camp or something like that, and unless my pervy brain is remembering incorrectly, it's very near the Beaver View Inn. We should have lunch there together sometime. Just to take pictures and whatnot. :)