Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bruno Mars is Sort Of Awesome. And So Are You.

 So every once in a while I hear a song on the radio which I become totally and completely infatuated with.  (You know, until they play it 8,689 times an hour and completely annihilate it.)

I will love this song so much that I intentionally ignore phone calls while I'm driving if it happens to be on.  I even ignore calls from my husband, until the song has completely finished - because I'm a grade A wife, remember?

Bruno Mars, anyone?

 He's got sort of a girlie Michael Jackson vibe going on, but he sings this song called Just The Way You Are.

And. I. Love. It.   

Usually I end up liking songs because of the beat or the rhythm or simply how it sounds.  And while this song doesn't necessarily fail in any of those categories, I mostly like it for the lyrics.  What woman wouldn't want her dazzling knight in shining armor (who may or may not bear a striking resemblance to Michael Jackson) to sing this song to her?

Back in the day I used to get in sweats with a big pint of ice cream and gorge myself while listening to these kind of "You're the best thing that has ever happened to me" songs.  Odd way to cope with what seemed like my impending eternal single status, dontcha think?  One time I think I stooped to my lowest as I belted my finest rendition of Celine Dion's classic, All By Myself.  My dad walked in on me, and promptly instructed me to "get a grip."  That still makes me laugh.

Anyways, I totally and completely digress.  Hello.  This song is super.  And I love it.  And I think that every woman deserves to feel like she's perfect just the way she is, even if she doesn't have a man to tell her so.  I feel like somewhat of a hypocrite saying this, because we all know I have my issues - but embrace the imperfections! Imperfections are what defines people, in my humble little opinion.

I wouldn't be me without my charming little womanstache, or my decorative elbow rash, or my long ass toes, or my B sized ladies, or that mole/zit/growth thing on my chin that I'm positive gets bigger every day, or the extra love I have that gracefully hangs over the edge of my pants (or curdled up in my butt), or my indubitably whiter than white skin.  (Let's see Bruno write a song about that.)  I think you (more than) get the picture.  

We have all been created the way we were supposed to be.  We are each unique (and I try to say that in the least cliche way possible).  I'm not saying that you or I should embrace the womanstache to the point of growing a man beard - I'm cool with a little grooming and healthy lifestyles.  But I'm also cool if you want to be known as "That chick with the gnarly mustache."  It's all in the confidence.  All I'm saying that we shouldn't obsess over changing something that is so clearly who we are.  That goes for outer and inner traits.  It's you.  And it's beautiful, because it is you.  

This post has maybe turned into a case of the multiple personalities.  You have just heard from the confident "Eff the world, I'm awesome" personality.  She was pep talking the pathetic "If I gain 1 more pound I might die" personality.  (Wasn't really planning on the mini soap box.  But you know, whatever.  My blog isn't something I plan.  So there.) 

I do think it's important to love yourself.  And even though I have my own personal (better) version of Bruno Mars at home constantly telling me how wonderful/beautiful/amazing I am - I still occasionally struggle with it.  That's life.

I guess all I'm trying to remind myself and everyone else is that you have every right to love yourself, just the way you are.  

So do it. 

So c'mon Internet, let's be awesome together.  What makes you, YOU?  Butt chins?  Webbed feet?  12 fingers?  Let's hear it. 


  1. Ha, picturing the "get a grip" scenario is cracking me up lol. Have you received anything from me yet?

  2. I also hate it when radio stations kill perfectly good songs...

  3. That song is great! And you're right, I get a little bit of the MJ vibe.

  4. I think we've all had those "All By Myself" moments. When I wasn't in a mood to wallow about it, I'd crank up the more upbeat "Dancing with Myself."

    one thing that is uniquely me, because I know you're dying to know, is the gnarly mole that protudes from my left armpit that I use to scare off small children while rockin' tank tops.

  5. This post made me smile.. You are awesome Chelsea.. Beautiful through and through, God is in the details... ♥ Mom

  6. Hey, he totally stole that line from Mr. Rogers!
    And Billy Joel!
    A timeless (and timely) concept.

  7. You're gorgeous, Chels. AND I've known you my whole life and have NEVER noticed a 'stache. I remember your mom when we were younger (she probably still does this)if she ever caught one of the kids saying something bad about themselves she'd make them say ten good things about themselves. so cute. :)

    Hmmm... Let's see... I have giant hands which I always used to be self-conscious of but I don't care anymore. And they helped me get pretty good at water polo, which gave me some of the best and monumental times of my life. Hooray for MANHANDS!

  8. I'm actually pretty into Bruno Mars right now too.

    And I'm going to just say it- you're like new hotness, mkay? And in my opinion, as long as you think you're awesome and beautiful, then you are, right? So, your last lines of this post ROCK! Keep spreading the message of self-love, Chels. You are the A-Bomb (awesome bomb, BTW.)

  9. hahaha, found you through Sara's blog. laughing through every post.