Monday, August 16, 2010

God is Good

Yes internet, he's a Corgi.  And his name is Toby.  And we absolutely adore him.

Here's the probably longer-than-necessary story.

As you all are most abundantly aware, I've been hankerin for a baby.  And when we decided that it wasn't time to bring a screaming Chelsea/Shawn into the world quite yet, we decided that a barking, pooping, fur-baby would suffice for now.

Thus began the over-eager search for the absolute perfect dog.  I logged a modestly gigantic amount of hours on Utah's local classified site, KSL.  Each day I'd come home and show my husband 37 different puppies I had found and thought were adorable.

Many Google searches ensued - trying to research all sorts of breeds to see what would fit best.  We eventually narrowed it down to either a Golden Retriever or a Corgi.  I realize those are kind of really random, comparatively speaking - but you know, that's how I roll.

So the KSL search continued when one day I saw this face.

Um.  Is it even possible to say no to that face?  Shawn and I immediately fell completely in love.  The only issue was that he was located in Central, Utah.  Which is not by any means in the center of Utah.  It is clear at the bottom - a good solid 4 and a half hours away from where we live.


We finally decided that that was not going to stop us whatsoever.  We had to wait until he was 8 weeks and then it was on.

We woke up bright and early at 5:00am to leave.  Because our Jeep doesn't have my beloved XM radio - I insisted that we go to Wal Mart and pick up an iPod adapter so we wouldn't have to listen to 4 hours of static.

We later realized that we had not purchased an iPod adapter.  Indeed, it was an iPod charger.  Can anyone say sleep shopping?  Hello.  As a direct result, we ended up tuning into the world of AM radio, blasting golden oldies like this one...

Boring scenery - old music - husband busting movies -  the whole scene just really cracked me up.

Oh.  And who could forget about the man at McDonald's who thought the screen in the drive thru was a touch screen.  He got up and walked around, and poked it a little.  He had absolutely no idea what was going on.  Poor dude.

Anyways.  We finally got to our destination.  The roads weren't paved.  And the street name we were headed to was called "Hole in the Rock."  That's when you know you're in the butt crack of Utah.  For real.

We got to the house and go in to be greeted by 3 fully grown Corgis and 4 of the most adorable little puppies on the planet.  Oh, and by a house that smelled of a 6 pack-a-day smoker and the smoker himself.  He was a gem.  White trash at it's finest, really.  He was a nice guy, when he wasn't calling the dogs little sons of bitches and other choice expletives. 

There were 3 boys to choose from.  We didn't even consider the girl - she was way overpriced.  The blue collared one had a biting issue.  The red collared one peed about 4 different times on the carpet while we were sitting there.  And then there was the black collared one, who we fell in love with in the very beginning, who was perfect!

With all the dogs around, my nose suddenly started running like crazy.  Then my throat started itching.  Then I started sneezing.  Damnit.  I cannot be allergic to dogs!  So I pretty much ignored it, because I was hell bent on getting a puppy.  After playing with all of them for about a half hour, we decided on the black collared one - and I was thrilled.  We forked over the cash and he was ours.  Eeeee!

Then we trekked 4 and a half hours back home.  And he did such a good job.  He'd scratch the pillow when he needed to do his business outside - and there weren't any accidents.  Yessss.  He sat/slept in Shawn's lap the entire time.  So. cute.

As you can tell - we are both completely smitten.

We brought him home and showed him to everyone, he met the family dogs and behaved beautifully - for a puppy, that is.  Everyone loves him.  The grandkids were beside themselves when they saw him.  I felt a little bad that the little guy was probably on total sensory overload.   

And naturally, here are some pictures - because I can't help it.

 These are only my sisters.  The grandkids were much more in number.

 He will be walking and out of no where just flop down and lay there.  It's hilarious.

I had heard that Corgis are known to sleep on their backs - and I guess it's true.

He was absolutely terrified of the squeaky ball at first.  And he'll only go get it if it's close enough.

(I never understood why so many people put so many annoying lame videos of their pets on YouTube.  I sort of get it now.)

Anyways - Toby is 8 weeks old and cuter than ever.  He whines, I assume because he misses his family - and it absolutely breaks my heart.  He totally and completely has Shawn wrapped around his little paw.  Shawn is straight up crazy about him.  It is so, so cute. 

My allergies have subsided.  I'm certain it's because there's only 1 dog, and not 900.  Oh, and because I may or may not have said about 834 prayers asking God to please let me keep the puppy.  Toby means "God is Good" - coincidence?  Thank you, God.

I promise I'll try not to be an annoying pet blogger.  Because, that's lame.  But you'll have to excuse the boring videos that I may post on occasion - because I'm just about positive it will happen.  But there's the story - and we couldn't be anyyyy happier!

Oh.  Just as a side note...

Yes, we bought an SUV.
Yes, we bought a house.
Yes, I can't remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday.
Yes, I sometimes I feel like I'm going to throw up.

But no, I am nooooot pregnant.  And unless an angel comes down and pulls a Virgin Mary on me, I couldn't be any more sure.  

Trust me. 




  1. Oh boy! Oh boy! He is adorable! I love his ears. One floppy, one straight up. Aren't they fun?!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! So cute. I love puppies!

  3. I love Corgies...and he is so damn cute!!

    Uh, will it make me look completely lame if I say that I love the Carpenters and knew the song you were playing in the car? lol. Nice sing-a-long Shawn.

    It sounds to me like you did a straight up puppy rescue. Some people shouldn't be allowed to raise animals...or other humans for that matter. I'm glad Toby found a good home. :)

  4. i can totally vouch for corgis sleeping on their backs. our neighbors had 2. they are pretty high energy and can bark, so good luck with that!!

  5. lololololololololol! a hail mary on your butt at this point in all the events would be HILARIOUS!!!!

    just sayin.

    toby's a perfect match.

    and yes, welcome to the annoying pet-blogger's club! your plate of welcome pet biscuits got lost in email. =)

  6. I saw your baby today! (We were invited over for a Ukraine lunch/swim party thing) He is darling!
    Looks like your in-laws thing he's pretty cute too!

  7. He is so adorable!!!

    Congrats on the furbaby! :D

    Lately, I've been one of those annoying pet bloggers. I can't help it. Dogs are just so awesome!

  8. Oh, he IS adorable. I'm not really a dog person, but I might have to change my mind after seeing that little cutie.

  9. Heh. A friend and I were recently discussing the fact that as a married lady, it is impossible to discuss hunger/exhaustion/nausea without people coming out of the woodwork shrieking about how "OMG, YOU'RE PREGNANT???"

    No, bitch, I'm hungry.


    That is a freaking adorable puppy.

  10. You should seriously give us warning when there's going to be SO MUCH CUTE in one post.

    Ahh, he is SO adorable I can hardly stand it! No wonder you are such proud parents.

    Enjoy this age - they grow so fast. ;)

  11. He is so adorable!! I understand the need to drive far to get the cutest furbaby in the world. We drove 6 hours to get Dexter!! YAY!! I am so happy for you... he is absolutely the cutest thing (well, aside from Dexter, but I'm biased)!!!!!

  12. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!



    Love him! Love his name!


  13. Oh my offing gee. If he isn't the sweetest thing... I love him. Yes I do. Yes I do love him.

  14. OMG. That puppy is insanely cute! And totally worth the 4 hour i-podless drive. My fellow and I almost accidentally adopted one this weekend. It was a close call because to be honest, I dont think we are quite ready!

  15. He's adorable!! Do you realize how close you were to me? Seriously like 15 minutes. You totally should have called I'd have had cookies :)

  16. Oh my God, what a sweet little baby!!! By the way, I LOVED the video. That music and the scenery made it look like a creepy "end of the world" movie, didn't it?