Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Friday. Halle-freakin-lujah.

Things have been a little bit crazy with school starting and us moving all of our crap out of our apartment.  I sit here and stare at this stupid page and, once again, have no ideas for a super awesome themed post.  So, you know what that means.  Bullets.  Yessssss.

-We are currently living out of suitcases in my husband's parent's home.  I'm grateful for their generosity in letting us stay there - but I'm ready to be in my own bed, in my own house, again.

-I ate McDonald's twice today.  And even though the second time was a salad, I'm probably still going to die.

-Speaking of McDonald's, they have created a "snack" version of the McFlurry.  "Snack version", in my mind, equals more healthy.  (I call it a case of the mini-muffins.)  Thus, I've had two this week already.  And a Frosty.  And two Creamies.  I could defend myself - but I don't think I have enough dignity left at the moment.  Excuse me while I sprint a couple hundred laps around the office.  (There's an image.)

-I went to the doctor today.  For a few reasons, the major one being that I feel like I'm about 50 years old and suffering a severe case of all sorts of  menopausal symptoms.  Hello.  So not okay.  She switched my birth control to some new stuff that just barely came out called Natazia.  Doesn't that sound like a stripper name?  Anyways - it's spiffy and has different doses of different hormones on different days.  A breakthrough in birth control, apparently.  So either it'll turn me into a complete lunatic basket case and I'll kill someone, or I might actually get to live a 22 year old's life instead of the hot, dry, saggy life of a 53 year old.

-The other reason I went to the doctor was to check my thyroid.  I've pretty much self-diagnosed myself with Hypothyroidism (sounds intense, right?)  because I may or may not have a mild form of hypochondria.  I can't get enough of Dr. Google - you'd be stunned at the amount of times I've Googled the lamest symptoms.  Anyways, apparently a major symptom is fatigue.  And let me tell you, I get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, but am still constantly tired.  As soon as I shut my eyes I am out.  I rarely have energy to do anything - except, well, to eat McFlurrys.  But it's really frustrating - and it would be nice to have an explanation other than I'm just a big lazy sack of crap.  Doctor said I may be anemic - or that my snoring is to blame.  Awesome.  I got some blood drawn for testing, so I guess we'll see.  If everything comes back fine, I'll be having a sleepover at the doctor's so they can listen to me snore.  Please God, no.

-The other day my 10 year old sister told me she likes reading my blog.  (Hi, Arianne!)   It makes sense why she likes it, she's going to be just like me when she's older.  Except she isn't going to swear.  Because swearing is bad - right, Arianne?

-Toby craps and pees all over the carpet like it's no one's business.  He's a stubborn little butt head too.  But I still love him - and so does everyone else who sees him.  Seriously, he's the cutest puppy in the world, and everyone knows it.  OH.  And his other ear is standing up now.  I sort of hoped that by some fluke his other ear would just stay flopped over, because it was so stinking adorable

-School has started, we all know how much that thrills me to no end.  (Read: I hate school.)  I'm actually sort of excited for some of my classes though.  One of them is Psychology of Love - and I know that might be lame to some people, but I'm really excited.  I'm also taking a Criminology class.  Random, right?   This is all based on the huge assumption that I can even shell out the 3 grand it's going to cost.  

-Okay, Internet.  Friends and family are sort of confused as to why all of a sudden there's millions of unfamiliar people reading and commenting on my blog.  (Okay, not really, but let's pretend.)   Basically it goes something like this, friends and family tell me how funny my blog is and it makes me feel fuzzy and warm.  I wonder if people who don't know me would think the same, or if my friends and family are just blowing smoke out their holes.  So because I'm mildly self-centered and enjoy people telling me how I complete their world (and because I may or may not get entirely too bored at work), I posted the link to my blog on a few forums - and bam - I'm an internet sensation.  (Again, not really - but just for the halibut.)  Just you wait til I show you all the super prestigious awards people have given my blog.  Then you'll be impressed.  (This would be a prime example of ME blowing smoke out my own hole.)

Anyways, was that long enough?  Good glory.  Sorry.  You are the salsa to my tortilla chips, Internet.

Happy Weekend.


  1. Random people {likek me} read & comment on your blog because there's actually an odd bloggy world out there where people get a kick out of reading about cool people's lives, like yours.

    My family didn't get it at first either.
    Blogging keeps me {midly} sane.

  2. Random stalker checking in.

    I love your bullet posts. Well, all of them, actually.

    Have you seen ads for that new angus snack wrap at McDonalds? The sight of it makes me want to hurl.

  3. You probably won't know this, but your test for your thyroid will come back "within normal range" which will let the doctor say, "Oh, you are fine." Don't let the doctor say that. You want a copy of the blood test. You also want to see where on the scale you fit. If you have many symptoms that your thyroid is too low, then it is too low no matter where you fit on that range. Don't let the doctor tell you otherwise. Remember, the doctor is your employee. Don't believe me? Don't you pay the doctor every time you see him/her? Yes! They work for you. So, I know all about thyroid problems. Good thyroid symptoms, print it off and if you have lots of them, show it to the doctor and say, "MY THYROID IS TOO LOW." Being tired all the time, getting cold, muscle cramps, feet ache...I could go on, but you can Google them. Sorry this is so long. I just know how bad it is to suffer from that kind of tiredness. Not any more though because my doctor actually listens to me and says, "Well, looks like you need another boost for your thyroid," and up my RX will go. Write me if you have questions. I will be happy to help you.

  4. Haha this blog was funny, always fun when family members find your blog.

    BTW if you follow my blog then you'll have to unfollow and refollow. It's being an absolute jackass.

  5. good luck with your move! it sounds like you have a LOT of stuff going on right now!

  6. just had to say... you complete my day! ha

    moving sucks....
    and thyroid tests are never what we want or think they should be...

  7. LOVE the post card! That is exactly how I feel at the moment. LOL!
    Great post!

    Here's an award to you from me! :D

    Enjoy! Have an amazing week!

  8. I love bulleted lists. Thank you so much!

    Snack sized things will be the death of me. I wish I hadn't read that. You are a sensation! Thanks for the entertainment! I love reading :)

  9. So your birth control is Natazia... and it sounds like a strippers name...

    So all this time you have known me, you have thought my name sounds like a stripper. THANKS CHELS!!!!

  10. Ha ha, I used to be the biggest hypochondriac until I had children. Now all I do is pass my phobias onto them :).

    Really funny post.

  11. I'm a new follower! I have Hypothyroidism...they give you a medicine that will give you more energy! I used to sleep all teh nap everyday after work...hope you get it worked out!!