Sunday, August 8, 2010

Most Expensive $20 Gift Card Ever....

So... You know those stupid little mailers you get practically every day from dealerships saying, "Scratch and you could win a trillion dollars!"  Or, "Bring this key in to see if it's the match for a brand new car!"  You know how normal people usually throw them away?  Well... I sort of don't.  I've been to my fair share of car dealerships solely to claim the prize I knew I had won.  Ranging anywhere from a 5 dollar bill to about 4 mp3 players from the same dealership.  (Or if you don't win a prize, you get your free hot dog or Creamie or whatever.)  I've lied to plenty of car salesmen to get them to stop trying to sell me a stupid car.  (The time I probably went the furthest was when I told them my mom had been dead for 5 years - long story.) 

Anyways, Shawn and I got another one of those mailers in the mail the other day.  We were driving by the dealership that the promo was for and though, "Eh, what the heck."  So we took our key in to see if it unlocked the winning car.  We drive up and there's a crap load of salesmen just waiting to pounce.  So I park - and the absolute first thing I do when I get out of my car?  Let out a big old, "Oh shit."  Because I had managed to lock my keys in my car.  Seriously?  That may be one of the 5 worst places to lock your keys in your car, because you can't run away from the crazy, obsessive car salesmen.  That was awesome.  The car salesman  however, was absolutely beaming - naturally.  We tell him that we're there for the food and the prize.  He goes off on his spiel about our cars, and what our payment is, and yadda yadda yadda.  We have actually been talking about selling my car to lower our payment... So we figured since we didn't have the winning key and had no where else to go, we may as well look around.  As soon as we told him we were interested in looking around, he told us that they could unlock my door for me.  Sneaky jackwagon.

So we look at a bunch of bigger SUV type cars - because I was sort of tired of sedans.  I made it very clear to the dude that we wouldn't be walking away with a car, we were just interested in seeing what the prices were like and what our options were.  He slyly got me to test drive a car that I actually sort of liked.  Can anyone guess where this is going?

Long story short(er) - meet our new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Yeah.  I know.  Rash, right?  I had some mega separation anxiety from my precious Cobalt.  I was seconds away from down right having a mental breakdown because I was never going to be able to drive the 'balt again.  That, and any sort of major change like that sends me into a downright tizzy.  I wanted to slap the silly grin right off the salesman's face.  I was kind of annoyed that he won. 


I really actually love the Jeep.  Although I lost my XM Radio and my IPod plug (*tear*) I have gained way more features in this baby.  Like, oh, power locks and windows.  Cruise control.  Sun roof.  4-Wheel drive.  Heated freaking seats.  And my favorite part?  I get the little button on my key that locks my car and beeps.  I feel like an absolute superstar when I press that.  (Mostly because I've always had to pretend that my car was cool enough to beep, and make the beeping noise myself.) 

So now Shawn and I are ballin' around in a sweet Jeep.  Sure it was totally random - but we both feel really good about it.  (And that may or may not be because my car was starting to make some weird ass noises.)  And now we can say, "Hey, remember that one time we bought a Jeep?"  I'm not a very spontaneous person, so even though this purchase about gave me an ulcer - I'm really happy about it.  So if you have pleasant Jeep stories to tell.  Please do.  I've never once in my life owned a Jeep.  Or any type of SUV for that matter.  So positive feedback would help calm my ever-present worry that this Jeep is going to crap out prematurely.  (The car salesman had all sorts of good things to say about Jeeps.  But, well, he's a car salesman.  He'd have good things to say about a big piece of dog turd, if it meant a paycheck.  So that's sort of a mute point.)

Oh.  And the even better news?  We may or may not be picking up the cutest dang furball addition to our family this next Saturday.  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  

Life is good.

*By the way, we totally won our prize.  A gift card to Wal Mart.  Oh yeah.


  1. This story is so freaking hilarious!!! :)

  2. It was a sign when you accidentally locked your car with your keys inside... ;)

    damn i have done that a lot.. and never really got anything good out of it except a pissed mind. lol

    btw, that damn salesman is sure good. Well enjoy your new baby then! :)

  3. I bet you made that salesman's day! But it was a win-win situation since you got an awesome car out of it! Congrats!

    And a tentative congrats about your potential furbaby addition!

  4. What!? I've never gotten an awesome car dealership game piece... I've always wanted to do one of those "Does your key fit the car?" contests.

    And hooray about your car! I don't have a Jeep, but I've had an SUV for seven years and it has behaved perfectly so far. I think you'll be fine ;)

  5. NO WAY! They got you hook, line and sinker! Ad men everywhere are doing a happy dance!

    Enjoy your new Jeep!

  6. Congrats on your new ride. Let me know if you ever need it repo'd. I will get one of my drivers to come get it. Maybe we will let you make pay arrangements

    Or Shawn can be my personal trainer

    Nice ride, enjoy it.

  7. Oh man, I LOVE living spontaneously! It makes life fun!! Congrats on the new car - looks/sounds like a sweet deal!

  8. THAT IS ONE FUNNY STORE!!!!!!!! hahaha!!! And your CAR is GORGEOUS!!!! CongratS!!!! The color is gorgeous too, it looks olive?! AMAMMAMAZING! Enjoy your new baby!
    xoxoThe Beckerman Girls

  9. lol. =)

    ok, first thing: get a dog gate for the back of your jeep! trust me. best investment, ever.

    next, we've owned 2 jeeps. first a bomb wrangler that was my husband's 2nd love in life. only got rid of it so we'd have more room for the dogs and for camping. and he totally turned around & sold it for a TON! which was great cause hubby found a jeep cherokee for a serious steal (just had some minor, less than $200 something wrong with it, that my husband quickly fixed). let's just say my husband saved THOUSANDS! freakin' rocked. we still own that one.

    other thing: i myself drive a suzuki grand vitara XL7. not really a bad little rig. it's the more family version of the old suzuki samurais. (which i had one of those in high school, so it works for me.)

    SUV's are fine. bah! to those who crank about the gas mileage. the difference it makes in life is worth it. i love that i can haul MOST everything i need to...including stuff from home depot! i love that my dogs can just "load up" in the back. i'm able to be more spontaneous because we always have the room.

    now, the last little bit: part of me still wants a pick-up truck. but that's the country chick in me. and my DREAM CAR has always been a jeep grand cherokee. so when it's time for a change i'll go with a grand cherokee finally. we'll just have to get a pick-up on the side.

    so. feeling better yet? still need a paper bag? don't stress. you'll be glad you bought it, more & more. one of the best investments ever. we've never had second-thoughts about either jeep!

    enjoy. windows down. bass pumped. rock the shades. =D

  10. Ok, so I just found your blog today and I'm so glad I did! This post was hilarious and I can't wait to read more :)

    We just purchased a Jeep recently (although much older than yours, but still awesome) and I can't say enough good things about them between us we have owned at least 4 different Jeeps and we would buy another in the future. My hubs is a car guy and he swears by them. And he's a Ford man. So there you go. You made a good choice!

    And I am the same way when it comes to major purchases and getting rid of old cars. I will never let my hubs sell his Mustang (even tho he keeps trying) cause he bought it when we first started dating and I want him to give it to our son when he is old enough to drive.

    Anywho, love your blog and I hope to see you around the bloggy-verse!


    ps- Oh and your wedding stockings and heels? To die for! Love them! :D

  11. Congrats on the new ride, and of course, on the gift card too! :)

  12. New house, new car, new dog, new.... ?

  13. You can use that wal-mart card to get yourself some more play-doh!

    I would love an SUV. But not a big one. A little one like yours. So I have to wait until one of my brats goes on a mission.

    Ten years til I can be cool too.

    But my kia mini-van totally beeps with it's nifty key-button. I guess that helps.

  14. O, those car dealers are sly, sly devils. That was an expensive gift card. The new ride looks pretty sweet, though!

  15. Love your story! Did your new jeep not come with Sirius Satellite Radio?

    We are a Jeep family as well. My husband drives a Commander, and two of my sons have a Wrangler and a Liberty, and they all came equipped with Sirius Satellite Radio...I would just die if I lost my Satellite Radio!

    Congrats on the new purchase and enjoy that new smell! :)

  16. you're having a baby aren't you? feeling sick, not remembering things...buying an SUV?!? if you think this furball will help ease the baby hunger, you're wrong lol. but have fun with you're new jeep!