Friday, September 10, 2010

And Now I Want Cupcakes

So lately, not only have I not had internet, but I haven't had anything all too noteworthy to blog about.  Just the same old daily hum bum crap.  (Hum bum crap?  What?)  So because I don't want to bore you with more stories about Toby peeing all over our floor, how not having the internet sucks, and how I'm getting fatter - I'm going to try this "5 Questions Friday" that is apparently taking the blog world by storm.  Enjoy.

1.  Do you feel guilty spending money on yourself?
It totally depends on what I'm spending money on.  If I'm getting my nether regions waxed, no I don't feel guilty - because the husband benefits from it.  If I buy things like purses, shoes, earrings - you know, pointless stuff that Shawn doesn't give a flying fart about?  Then I maybe feel a little bit guilty - even when I get his permission beforehand.  And when I switch chips for cookies Subway, that's about 8 different kinds of guilty.

We were talking the other day and Shawn said, "You know, I think you're so used to living from paycheck to paycheck pre-marriage, so now that our income is combined , you're like 'WEE!  Let's spend money!'"

Talk about feeling guilty

Now when he asks me where I feel like going to eat, instead of saying Texas Roadhouse or Cafe Rio, I say we can just go home and toss our dollar frozen pizzas in the oven. 

And forget the butt crack waxing

Gee, maybe I should start a blog on how to save money.  And I'll start calling myself Mrs. Frugal McFrugalson.  *Snort*

2.  How well do you know your neighbors? 
Well, seeing as we've lived in our house for a grand total of 1 week.  I don't.  

What is the protocol here?  Do I bring them cupcakes, or should they be bringing me cupcakes?  

Or should I just make myself a big batch, save some time and tape them to my butt, and forget about trying to make friends?

3.  What age are you looking forward to being?
Well, I'm looking forward to being 25.  When you're 25 you can rent cars sans the ridiculous "You're-too-young fees."  

 But mostly I'm looking forward to being senior citizen age.  Closer parking spots at Wal Mart, poking people with my cane, discount meals at the local IHop, hot strapping younger men to carry my groceries and walk me across the street, and no longer giving a damn about my looks.  Does life get much better?  Being an old lady is going to kick ass.

4.  Do you get excited when the mail comes?  Why?
I love checking the mail.  I'm always a little bit sad and mostly annoyed when someone gets it before I do.  There's really no particular reason why.  I like winning, and being the first to look at the mail is sort of like being a winner.

Unless it's bills.  Then that's just a big huge fail

5.  What is your earliest childhood memory?

Shawn and I were talking about this the other day.  I can barely remember what day we got married (Yes, I had a small, yet embarrassing moment of confusion.) let alone remember way back to my diaper days.

But, as luck would have it, I do remember a few things. 

I remember going to the hospital to see my new baby brother, Christian.  I got up on the bed to sit next to my mom and ended up sitting on my less than a day year old brother.  Oops.

I remember a dream I had when I was really young.  I was on the top bunk in my room, and my mom was screaming at me from downstairs and I remember being terrified.  Then her head came floating in and she had rainbow clown hair, and she kept yelling at me.  Apparently rather traumatizing, as I still remember it vividly.  (Note: My mom isn't and has never been psycho (Hi, mom!) - I apparently just have psycho dreams.  I won't even get into the one about walking through the wall into leprechaun land.  I have crazy A recurring dreams.)

Oh, and you all remember the time that I farted in my Kindergarten class, right?  

Are you digging the fact that I only remember the traumatizing events from my early childhood? 

Good thing my parents remember the cute, adorable things.

Happy weekend, Internet.


  1. That clown hair dream is horrifying! I can imagine it. A lot of my vivid childhood memories are also a bit traumatic...

  2. Sitting on babies=priceless.

    If I had sat on my lil bro, I would probably not have a lil bro right now.

    Damn. Why didn't I do that?

  3. "Poking people with my cane" ...haha. That's one of the many reasons why I love old people. They can do whatever they want, no excuses necessary. Those will be the days.

    And MAIL! I'm with ya - I love checking the mail. It's this weird thrilling moment I look forward to everyday. I don't know why.

  4. I have crazy-a recurring dreams too. Is disconcerting, to say the least.

  5. ummmm....maybe we don't want to hear about humming bum craps....yeah so thanks for sparing us. ;)

    i ALWAYS feel guilty spending money on myself.
    (love the snort!)

    i only know 1 out of 3 of my neighbors out of 4 houses....i'm kinda anti-social apparently, and obviously i LOVE having 7 acres to just me & my family.

    i like the idea of being old too, cause then i don't have to worry so much about hurting anybody's feelings...since i'll be old and nobody can say a thing about it! lol. luv it.

    nah. don't like the mail...or voicemail. i'm actually considering having VM taking off my cell plan, cause i only check it once every couple weeks. but yet i LOVE email for some reason...and blog comments. doesn't make sense does it?

    i remember pretty far before i was 3 but unfortunately most of those memories are pretty rough. parents had a very unhappy marriage...'nuff said.

    have a great rest of your weekend.

  6. I am looking forward to being 25 too! To me, it's the time where I'd get to do the things I cant do now plus I'm not in my thirties yet :D

  7. I LOVE checking the mail, too! I would bring the neighbors cupcakes! :)