Monday, September 13, 2010

Cupcakes, Polygamists, and Peed on Ceilings.

Well this weekend was a party.  

-Those cupcakes I was craving?  Yeah, a friend and I made an entire batch - Funfetti style.  That savory batch was left at my house, on my counter.  Needless to say I ate an embarrassing amount of cupcakes this weekend, and my neighbors ate none.  I'll probably only eat rice this week. 

-We went to Lagoon (an amusement park) on Saturday.  I still maintain that that place is a magnet for people who can be described as freaky, emo, fat, or gay - or in Saturday's case, polygamous.  Oh yes, we definitely rode the log flume with a polygamist mother and daughter.  You may call me judgmental, but there was really no denying it.  Everything about them screamed "I have 85 brothers and sisters and I sew my own jeans."  A little weird.

-Rented the first season of 30 Rock from the library.  I sort of dig it.  The black guy is definitely my favorite so far.  Is it worth continuing?

-We went to our new ward on Sunday.  We're basically the youngest couple there - and flying under the radar in that ward is definitely not going to be an option.  We had an older lady just about in tears because she was so excited we were in the ward.  So clearly it is a super nice and welcoming ward - so I'm excited about that.  And the bishop's wife has a snarky side - which I think is absolutely grand. So I'm excited - it'll be a lot more permanent than the ward we were at in our apartment.

-Toby has started to lift his leg and pee rather than squat.  Look at our little baby, becoming a man.  Soon enough he'll be humping just about anything in his path.  Ah, the joys of owning a puppy.

-Pretty sure our house is going to give my husband all sorts of ulcers.  Something breaks, we fix it - 800 more things break.  It's ridiculous.  Our toilet pretty much exploded yesterday and instead of doing anything about it, I hauled massive toosh to the backyard to let Shawn know, you know, so he could fix it.  (Because I'm about positive I would've just made it worse.  And I didn't want to get pee on my hands, even if it was my own.  Wife points.)  So we Shawn cleans up the mess and and we think all is good.  Until a couple hours later the people we have living in the basement let us know that their bathroom smells different.  And that their ceiling is leaking.  And that there's some sort of yellow liquid in their sink.  So basically I peed in their sink.  And on their ceiling.  Which, perhaps under different circumstances, might have been impressive.  But basically it was disgusting - and probably not what the honeymooners really wanted to come home to.  

-Oh, and have I mentioned that hanging the blinds (brackets and all) back up after the windows got replaced is a royal pain in the ass?  Well, it is.  Which is why we've only put the ones in the basement back up.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if one of our neighbors has seen a boob here, or a butt cheek there, because of the lack of blinds.  Hi, we're Shawn & Chelsea.  Your classy neighbors.

-I won a Samsung Sound Bar from a company picnic.  Heck.  Yes.  I maybe should have wrapped it and saved it for Christmas.  But, that would be near impossible.  I can't keep presents for that long.  Especially super expensive prizes that I know my husband will love me forever for.  Which is why I do my Christmas shopping pretty much last minute.  How's that for a legitimate procrastination excuse?

-We now have TV and internet at our house.  Yesssss.  The Comcast dude was a little... special.  But whatever.  TV is back just in time for all my showsssss!

-Oh, just in case you're wondering (because really, why wouldn't you?), that new birth control hasn't been giving me any crappy side effects which makes me just beam with satisfaction.  Not yet, at least.  I'm only like, a week in.  But I'm totally digging the whole, I'm not actually going through menopause, thing.  Squeeee.

Let's end on that happy (albeit slightly awkward) note.

Chelsea love you long time.


  1. awesome weekend results...and peeing on the ceiling with no hands, might i add, is pure unadulterated talent!!!

    =) happy house owning. same dilemas cropping up around here too. just when i think we're making progress, turns out i'm butt-end up instead. =(

  2. and apparently i can't spell dilemmas very well. ;) sheesh my problems are worse than originally thought!

  3. Lack of self-control as an excuse for procrastination? Aren't you just racking up the merit awards? ;)

  4. Tracy Morgan (the black guy) from 30 Rock is also my favorite. His movies are friggin hilarious. You should watch Death at a Funeral. He was also in a movie with Bruce Willis, Cop Out!, that I highly recommend.

  5. Keep. Watching. 30 Rock. You will die of laughter the longer you watch. I seriously have to watch each episode two or three times before I hear everything because I'm laughing so hard the first time around.

    At the beginning I would have said Tracy Morgan/ Jordan was my favorite, too. But, now, I think Liz, Kenneth, Tracy, Jenna and Jack are tied for my favorites.

    Is the Thomas Jefferson episode in the first season? Or Oprah? Oh, gosh, I have to go to now...

  6. Count your blessings, Chelse. You could've crapped in their sink :)

  7. 30 Rock is literally the best show ever. I love it. So much. So so much. Watch it, please. "I love Liz Lemon" comes out of my mouth weekly and Kenneth is hilarious, to the tenth power.

  8. When we moved in our toilet decided to clog beyond all belief and was impossible to fix. It ended up spilling over into the basement. It was ridiculous. We also had a sprinkler line bust within our first few months.

    Oh we also have no blinds. Yeah I walk around naked with no blinds. What of it?! lol

  9. Hey, Im a new follower. I used to live in UT, love 30 Rock, and my dog only sometimes lifts his leg, and he is 3 yrs old. WTH.
    Come visit me sometime.

  10. Ooo funfetti cupcakes are my favorite! I have a weakness for cupcakes.

  11. YES you MUST continue with 30 Rock. It's one of my favs!!!

    And I'm so curious which BC you are taking. hit me up with an email or tweet!

  12. I just noticed you play Words with Friends. Me too! I'm there as Princess543 if you ever want to play!