Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Love Work

You know you should probably start trying a little harder when a client comes into your office and the first thing he says is...

"You sure look pretty today.  Did you actually put some make up on?"

Why yes, yes I did.  Thank you.



  1. aren't no-makeup kind of makeups the prettier kind of makeup??? :)

  2. Tell him you just showered for the first time this week and maybe since you got the compliment you'll do it twice next week.

  3. HAHA. Once, I went to work without makeup (I was running late) and all day long people asked me if I was sick.

  4. That bastard... I would have had some snarky, probably malicious comment handy. And then I would have probably said a stream of bad things that would get the cops called on me and/or fired from my job.

    Be glad you aren't me. :)

  5. WOW, seriously??!! I'm impressed you stayed calm, I probably would ave gone balistic on him!!

  6. I am willing to gander... the client wasn't married, was he? Most married men I know would steer clear of those kinds of "compliments"... they know better!