Thursday, September 16, 2010

Insulation is Golden

Just in...

Our neighbors downstairs can apparently hear just about all of our escapades there on the top floor.  And when I say all of our escapades, I mean all. of. our. escapades.

Turns out heavy breathing travels well through vent systems and floors/ceilings.  

Really, I should be more embarrassed than I am.  But I take solace in the fact that our neighbors are even more newlywed than we are.  And have a very squeaky mattress.  

As mortifying and awkward as it should be, I find it more amusing than anything.  I can't stop the fits of laughter whenever I hear the soft ee oo ee oo ee oo ee oo coming from the basement.  That's how mature I am.

Needless to say, our friendship with our downstairs neighbors has hit a brand new level.  Luckily, they're cool people - and we all understand what happens when a man loves a woman.  So it really isn't that bad.

That isn't to say that having an audience will be easy though.  Some activities are just more fun when you can, you know, let loose.

But the extra bucks every month makes it pretty much worth every pillow muffle.

And I've never felt more like a cheap porn star admitting that.

Hooray for cohabiting newlywed couples!



  1. This is so cute. Knowing what is going on in the unit above or below is always worthy of giggles. We live in an apartment so we've heard our fair share of action.. lol.

  2. I know how you feel, only my neighbos were not newlyweds. They hated each other, and so thanks to our noises, hated us, and would bang on the wall loudly. Not cool!
    Yay for everyone gettin' some, though.

  3. Haha! Get a white noise machine-- that should filter out your neighbor's noise, and keep your private moments private!

  4. Nice. At least you're in the same boat with the other couple. You could always crank up some really loud nasty R&B music, if either is happening. BOW CHICKA WOW WOW

  5. when we were living in a rexburg, a newly minted pair of newlyweds moved in below us. (us being my hubby, me, and our 8 year old daughter)

    what was roughest was that HE was louder than SHE. and HE screamed & squealed like what you'd expect from SHE.

    and it happened at all hours of the day & night....would wake us from a dead sleep...we'd be in the middle of family prayer...or family home evening....or dinner with the missionaries!

    but i guess atleast they were goal-oriented people on a mission.

    on one of our rotating game nights, it was at their house. there on their fridge was their plan. their 10 yr, 5 yr, 2 yr, monthly, weekly, and DAILY plan....on it?
    "have sex at least 3 times each day"

    now if that's not an obvious LDS RM/franklin-covey-aholic indication i don't know WHAT IS!!!! lol.

    (hey it works though. she was pregnant in a matter of one school term!

  6. Oh man I'd die!!! I hate how open my in-laws are about sex. Yeah they tell us when, where, how, and the level of fantasticness. I LOATHE it. I hate living in apartments for the same reason. Although I chuckle too when I hear the squeaky metal frame of the neighbors' bed. Maybe I'm just as mature as you. hehe

    When I was a teen my family lived in an apartment with a sex ADDICT above us. He had sex at least 5 times a day and not all of them were his wife! The noises were awful, embarrassing, and vulgar. Good times.

  7. LOL This post makes me giggle!

    New to your blog! Can't wait to read more!

  8. Oh law! I would have been so embarassed! But hey, at least they're cool! I know my husband and I always laff so hard when we hear our neighbor, um, you know. And he lives 2 doors down! LOL!

    Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in a game of bloggy-tag! Go to this post for more info:

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Shawn, takin' care of business. You can see it in his eyes that he like to "Rock out with his......" yeah, we will end it there. Shawn is the man. Do me a favor and fist bumb Shawn for me. Another member in the Pants Off Dance Off Crew.

  10. Haha! My sister and her brand new husband lived with us for the first year of their marriage. We may not have been newlyweds, but we can keep up with the Jones' if yaknowwadImean...

    THOSE were some interesting dinners, I tell you. "So... what have you been up to..."

  11. Sometimes I think it's fun when you're trying to be quiet... and everyone knows you're never actually as quiet as you think you're being. wuv... twu wuv.

  12. Ha. Awkward...

    But at least everyone's cool about it and not stuck-up priss pots. Lol.

  13. And hooray for insulation, as well! Funny stuff!