Friday, September 17, 2010

Thank You, School.

So I'm taking a Health Psychology class.  We learn all kinds of good stuff.  We've learned that smoking kills people.  That exercise is good for you.  That if you don't think you can quit smoking, you won't.  That you shouldn't drink and drive.  You know, basically all the crap everyone and their 2 year old already know, but now the only difference is I'm paying thousands of dollars to "learn" it.  Which is just super.  And by super, I mean an exceptionally huge, aggravating pain in my keister.

The other day part of the chapter was on obesity.  My favorite.  Ain't nothing like reading how America is doomed to die of fatness.  And that we as a population keep getting fatter and fatter.  I even learned that obese people are more likely to have obese pets.  Now that is just sad.  Want to know what's even more sad?


(My favorite.)


And this.

 As if we need examples of what obese people look like.  Really?  That's just depressing.  Where do they come up with these people?  How does that exchange go down?  

"Hey uh, we're writing a book about health and we need some pictures for our obesity section.  Would you and your corpulent friend mind posing in front of this fast food joint so we can get a picture?"


"Hey, we're doing a section on childhood obesity and how it can lead to death.  We'd like to get a picture of your baby elephant inhaling those Big Macs.  Cool?" 

How do these people feel that they, in all their glory, are emblazoned onto every one of these textbooks in the obesity section.  Maybe they have no idea it went into the obesity section.  Especially that chick inhaling every piece of junk food available.  What's that story?  Is it just one of the photographer's friends who happened to have just gone through a bad breakup, and was drowning her sorrows in ever piece of junk food within a 10 foot radius?  Photo op!  Bam.  She's in the obesity section of every Health Psychology student's textbook. 

Maybe they got paid a hefty amount of money.  Or the photographer bought them a combo from that American Burger joint.  Who knows?  All I know is that I sort of feel bad whenever I see these pictures of horizontally gifted people plastered all over health books. 

Want to know what else makes me feel bad?  When the stupid $@#$&*#@% chart in the chapter tells me that I'm overweight.  Thank you for that.  Really.

Nothing like a little fat validation to turn me into an obnoxious calorie counter.  I even went to Subway without getting cookies.  That. doesn't. happen.

Really, I'm just trying to prevent the day that some ass hat corners me in a McDonald's wanting to take my picture. 

Because if being a person of great mass doesn't kill me, that would.

Happy weekend, Internet.


  1. Yeah, I couldnt agree more.

  2. i HATE that stupid chart that you make reference too...

    gonna tell off on myself.. i'm a 46 year old woman of some size... 5'7, 183 pounds (argh)

    and that chart? it calls me MORBIDLY OBESE!!


    i am not fat fat, i'm not skinny, i'm middle... i'm size 14 - average.

    besides, i was built for comfort, not speed... so there.

  3. Very funny and very well written!


  4. Wow-- maybe those photos are just stock photography?

  5. have a friend with a masters in health, says the BMI is crap. doesn't account for body type.

  6. Sigh...

    Posts like this remind me that I hate being fat.

  7. You're not overweight. Those charts are ridiculous.

    And the little kid's arms make me feel better about myself and my fat arms. That's pathetic.

    But I'm still heading to the gym in an hour or two haha.

  8. Oh God, I need to print those pictures out and tape them to my refrigerator. I try to count calories... it's just that I can't count that high.

  9. Wow. Funny post, but I did feel sorry for those people in the pictures... Interesting you thought that indepth about it.

  10. Stumbled across your blog and love it! This post had be laughing out loud! I'm your new follower.

  11. ROFL at Sherri, I completely agree: I was built for comfort too ;) hehe

    This entry is so funny!!! You always just say it exactly right.

    So I gave you a "Circle of Friends" award :)

  12. Usually, you can look in the very front or the very back of a book to see the source of the photos. The index, I think. In most cases, they are stock photos from various sources. Back when I was an editor, we pulled from stock photography all the time when we couldn't take our own or needed something really specific. :)