Monday, September 20, 2010

You Suck, Morgan Jewelers.

You know what's super awesome?
When the (super manly) diamond falls out of your husband's ring.

You know what's ultra awesome?
When $#@%^$ Morgan Jewelers tells you that they've "discontinued" said ring and can't replace the diamond.  Really, you can't come up single solitary teeny tiny diamond to put in the teeny tiny hole?  Is it that hard?   They most certainly can replace it, they just won't.  Schmucks.  Heck, I probably could have taken a diamond out of my own ring and stuck it in there myself.  Heaven only knows I have plenty

Now Shawn and I get to go ring shopping once again with our "in-store credit" for a replacement.

And I am not happy about it.



  1. My husband and I have wooden rings, and we have to get them rebuffed every 8 months or so. But luckily, the people who made them are awesome and do it for free. Morgan Jewlers do suck. Even backwoods ring makers know how to take care of people.

  2. That's lame, but at least you can replace it. Can you keep the old ring with the missing diamond for sentimentality?

  3. What they really mean when they say they can't replace the diamond in a man ring is: "We're sorry that your manly man lost his diamond, but how about he buy you some super expensive large diamond instead that will cost your entire fortune in livers, and maybe even your soul. Kthx."

  4. Ugh, I hate jewelry stores.. I always feel as if they're trying to rob us ;)

  5. That's ridiculous! There is no excuse. Good luck finding something good, I hope!

  6. Hey - maybe the new one will be even better! Go titanium - it's way more manly than diamonds. :)

  7. Whaaaat!? That's completely ridiculous! You should rub all the rings he tries on your armpit.