Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Confession Time


I'm totally procrastinating studying for a test right now.

still don't understand the point of Twitter. 

Even though I'm miraculously okay with not having kids right now (Thanks, Toby) - I still sort of secretly wish that I'll accidentally get pregnant. 

I've taken a few pregnancy tests, just to make sure.

Sometimes my job sort of makes me want to drop kick a kitten.

Our Halloween decorations suck.

My husband weighs maybe 3 pounds more than me... on a good day.

We've bought a disugsting amount of McDonald's in the last two weeks.  Solely for Monopoly pieces.

I keep having dreams about totally random guys.  Wife points.

I skim a good portion of the blogs in my Reader.

All my girlfriends are tooth pick skinny.  And I sort of hate it. 

 I still haven't seen my wedding video.  And it's been over 6 months.

The only "real" meal I've prepared in the last week is taco salad.

I kind of want to take a belly dancing class.  But am way too self conscious.

I clearly am running out of things to blog about.

Maybe I'll get off my fat keister and do something productive. 
Or maybe I won't.

Happy Hump Day, Internet.


  1. I'm not too clear on the whole Twitter thing too. Although I must say that after having a rough day, it was great to have support from the tweet peeps.

    I don't have a wedding video. *fail*

    You can have my monolopy pieces. My mom gave me a few and unless it says "free food" on it, I toss them.

    Good luck on your test. :)

  2. I just did some suuuurious skimming to catch up on all of the blogs in my reader. Honestly, there are just too many blogs out there NOT to skim!

    And the secret to understanding Twitter is understanding that there's nothing to understand ;)

  3. I love confessing.

    There's nothing to really understand about Twitter, like Angela said. You just do or don't. :)

    And I skip over most of the blogs in my reader too. Shh... don't tell anyone.

  4. Agreed on Twitter.

    And I don't need a reason to feel like drop kicking a kitten is a good idea. I'm not a cat person.

  5. I know how you feel about the accidental pregnancy......
    Im right there with you.

  6. Belly dancing sounds fun! But I would want to wear a shirt, too...

  7. Hey, If I actually had some Jonas Bro on cd I might do that for you to give you a good laugh. And It would be so much easier to reply to your comments if I had an email addy for you. But from reading your blog for so long now, uhh, you dont do things the easy way. And tell Shawn to get his ass to Ga and start chasing me with a damn cattle prod so I can start running again

  8. I don't understand Twitter.

    I've consumed lots of McDonald's in order to get all the pieces.

    I'm not stick skinny, we can be friends! lol

    I would love to take a belly dancing class. I'm pretty sure my gelatinous muffin top will show yours up. We could do it together. I'd make you look good! Ha!

  9. I'm trying to win at Monopoly too.

    It's not going well.