Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Need More Pictures.

Sorry I've been sucky at blogging.  There isn't a whole lot of anything appealing going on in the Milne household.  Like, really.  Plus, add endless amounts of homework in there, and I pretty much barely have time to wipe my own butt.  (What a fun mental image.  You're welcome.)  I will do my best to mask our life as way more alluring than it really is.

-Shawn got called as the Scout Master.  The Scout Master.  Does that surprise anyone?  He's going to do so great!  They called him the second week we had been in the ward.  Apparently they've "been waiting for 6 months" for him to show up.  Ho boy!  Turns out Shawn is hip and funky fresh enough to keep up with the young bucks of the ward.  Goooo husband!

-So I've developed a habit.  And it's saying "What?" or "Huh?" to virtually everything my husband says.  70% of the time it's because I really didn't hear everything he said.  And the other times are just habit.  But those times, it takes like, 5 seconds for me to comprehend what he actually said.  So we have a couple options - either my husband needs to speak up, I'm going deaf, or I'm just getting less intelligent with age.  Probably all of the above, let's be honest.  Either way, it drives Shawn batso.  Wife points!

-Toby has made an astronomic improvement in his potty training.  He's only peed on the floor like, once over the last week.  And he hasn't peed on our brand new rug... yet.  It makes me so happy that I let him lick me.  Which I don't usually do, because I think it's gross.  And it gives me rashes.  Awesome.

-I about purchased Shawn a lip ring the other day.  Who knew that Toby could double as a lip piercer?  (I told you every good thing he does is canceled out by shite like this.  Bah.)

-The other day I came home to a Wall Street Journal on our coffee table.  I figured it was because Shawn was trying to make our house look more refined.  (You know, as opposed to having bottles of lube decorating our table.)  I was right.  He said, "I even thought about maybe rustling up the pages a little bit, to make it look like we actually read it."  Yesterday I walked into the bathroom and found an issue lying on the counter.  It's a pretty grand feeling to know that you're married to the classiest pooper in Salt Lake City.  Husband points!

-I got my hair colored.  It's nice and dark again.  (Moment of silence for all my family and friends who think I look better as a blond.)  It's basically black, a teensy bit darker than I was aiming for.  The girl that did it was the suckiest hair lady ever.  I mean, she did fine on my hair, she was just a sucky person.  She maybe said a grand total of 4 sentences to me, all having to do with how long my hair was, and how her hands were going to hurt after doing it.  Seriously, lady?  She told me mid-wash that her next client was there (her mom) so she'd have to skip the style.  What the wha?  The style is the best part.  Anyways, I still feel like I'm wearing a wig, and haven't gotten totally use to it.  But whatever.  I'd rather color my hair than chop it off.  So there.

-Shawn and I watched the entire second season of 30 Rock on Sunday.  Turns out we've mastered the art of procrastination.  And turns out you were right, Internet. 30 Rock rules... obviously.

-Speaking of TV, what do ya'll think about the new Raising Hope show?  We thought it was pretty hilarious, not going to lie.

-We finally put blinds up on our sliding door.  Not that it matters, since my husband has probably visually violated our neighbors way more than necessary.  Not that visually violating your neighbors is necessary, but you know.  Good thing we have the Wall Street Journal to maintain our neighborhood rep.

Anyways, that's about it for now.  I'm off to an insurance/benefits meeting.  That is how enthralling my life is.  

Happy Longest-Day-of-the-Week, Internet.



  1. hey i think your hair dark or light's pretty rad. so, cool. hair lady, not cool. don't go back. (did you tip her? shouldn't have. screw her mom!)
    everything else made me chuckle. i needed a chels pick me up today! glad you popped back into the internet today.
    three cheers for classy poopers!
    hip hip hooray (to the 3rd power)!!!
    apparently i need to pick me up a subscription, just to make up for all that i'm lacking. ;)

    btw, lip piercing eh? could be worse. you could have my siamese cat who's just decided he doesn't get enough attention, and therefore had to plunk his butt on my desk....just so when i have to reach for the mouse, he winds up with a prostate exam! dang feline. instead i moved my mouse to the OTHER side of his body. stubborn thing.

  2. Wow, you guys sound like us:
    We rejoyce when our pup keeps the carpet clean.
    We flash our neighbors all the time.
    We watch 30 Rock all the time.
    And I think Im going deaf too!

  3. I do the "what?" or "EH?!" or the "I can't hear you!" all the time. I'm convinced it's the husband's problem, not mine.

    I love your posts :)

  4. I'm pretty sure we've visually violated our neighbors far more than you or anyone else for that matter. We've been here since May... Without blinds. Yeah and I walk around naked all the time. Woot! Live free! I'm glad Toby is doing better.

  5. Oh god I have the same problem, someone will ask me something and I will say what? Then they start to repeat the question but then I realise I actually heard it and start replying at the same time!!

  6. Ok, enough making fun of me rocking out to the Jonas Brothers, Just stop making fun of me.

  7. Ok, damn. I forgot too. Making fun of my Camel Balls too.

  8. So, the difficulty listening to your spouse is actually a documented Chamberlain problem. We don't listen - it's in our genes. I'm convinced that it's just that we have latent ADD.