Monday, October 11, 2010

Marky Mark, Google Viruses, and Dancing Zombies

My weekend in bullets.  Because I know you've just been waiting with {insert word I can't think of here} anticipation.  (Seriously though, what is the word I'm trying to think of?  Sonofa.)

-Friday my computer at work got some weird virus that rendered my computer as useless to me, as rehab is to Lindsay Lohan.  That was just super.  I don't go to weird websites.  I don't click on links that looks like this: - (anyone that does is, well, a moron.)  But somehow I was sure that the uppers would immediately think that I've been screwing around on the internet, looking at bawdy websites and clicking all the questionable links I receive in my junk mail.  Fortunately, I wasn't, and the virus apparently came from non other than Google.  I have no idea how... But whatever.  I got to go home 2 hours early because my boss rules.  Oh, and because there wasn't a dang thing that I could've done as far as "work" was concerned.

-I got home and went straight to our office/den/extra room/dump area to try and get all our my papers sorted though.  I was going through W2s from clear back in 2005.  How long are you supposed to keep those things anyway?  Basically I'm a huge pack rat and still had the instructions on how to use a stereo my parents gave me way back in junior high.  You can imagine the kind of shat I had to sift through.  By the way, if you feel like buying me a Christmas present - I'd be totally cool with a paper shredder.  (Asking for a paper shredder for Christmas is #56 on my "You know you're lame and old when..." list.)

-We watched the tail end of MTV's (or VH1's, I can't remember) "Hottest People of the 90s" for some mild entertainment.  I'm fairly certain I never would have guessed Mark Wahlberg would be number one.  I guess I wasn't big on pop culture back in the 90s.  Because if I understand correctly, Marky Mark was basically the ish.  Maybe it's because he rarely wore pants.  Or shirts.

-Some friends invited us to go out to dinner and bowling.  We were down with bowling, but weren't really feeling like dinner, as I had just inhaled Shawn's leftover Panda Express that he had brought home.  We told them we were trying to not eat out as much as our excuse of why we couldn't go.  Which isn't a lie.  Later the same friend asked us what we ended up doing for dinner.  I blurted out, "Oh we had Panda Express!"  So much for them thinking we're trying to save our money.  I'm such a tool.

-Speaking of bowling, Shawn and I suck.  I have absolutely no "technique" when it comes to bowling.  I just loft the ball in the air and hope it hits a pin.  We ended up only playing 2 out of the 3 games because I got way too ADD to play a third game. 

Clearly I take bowling seriously.  (PS, this is definitely from last year.  I haven't gotten any better at taking pictures recently.  Soon Internet, soon.)

-I slept in until 11 on Saturday morning.  Which is the longest I've ever slept in while I've been married.  Which is a pretty proud feat if I do say so myself.  (Be reminded that this is coming from the girl who slept in a bedroom with no window for 7 years of her life.)

-I went running for the first time in 563 eternities.  It didn't last very long, as I was heaving up a lung after about 5 minutes of light jogging.  I'm fairly positive my husband thinks I'm pathetic.  I was whining to him in between my asthmatic wheezes about how out of shape I am, to which he replied, "Whatever, hot is totally a shape."  (Yes, it's usually "round is a shape", but my husband is funny.  So there.)  Sometimes I'm glad love is blind.

-We went to Lagoon's "Frightmares"... watched a bunch of zombie people dance with chain saws and 19 people pretend to be hypnotized.  (I really can't decide how much I believe that people actually are hypnotized when I go to hypnosis shows.)  In any event, it was funny to watch everyone make a complete ass of themselves.  Especially the chick that wasn't wearing a bra in 50 degree weather.  Yeah, that's cool.  However, I think my favorite part of the night was when an older lady told our friend, Darin, that he should get up on stage and sing - to which he responded, "Nah, I prefer performing from behind."  I laughed for about 10 minutes.  Mostly because I'm mature.

-I got my first 7 Eleven hot chocolate of the season.  Which was mildly depressing.  But kind of fun.  Bring on the ugly sweater parties.

-We got our speaking assignment in church.  We've never spoken as a married couple before, so this should be fun.  We have the whole block to ourselves.  Which honestly, shouldn't be a problem for me.  I've been known to talk over other people's turns during Sacrament Meeting.  (Me?  Talk to much?  Unheard of.)  It's all gravy. 

Happy Columbus Day, Internet.


  1. Can't even tell you how much I would love to listen to you speak in church. Something tells me it might be the most entertaining Sacrament Meeting ever. Good luck!

  2. I got the same virus from Google about a month ago. It totally sucked, but it's fixable. So no worries. Lol. You'll be back to work in no time.

  3. LOL - love that "hot is a shape"! cute cute!

  4. I'm really not good at bowling either. My husband is. He does have a technique.

  5. I haven't bowled in years. I, too, would be amused to hear you in church!

  6. i quit bowling... ha! and the rest of the town was so happy when i did... you see, my gutter balls had such gusto that they would actually hop over into another lane, sometimes 2! craziness!!