Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ah, November.

This picture has nothing to do with my post.  It came up when I was trying to find 
something actually relevant to my post.  And was funnier than anything I was finding. 
So there.

'Tis the season... 

...to start listening to Christmas music a smidgen too early.

...to bust out the big, comfy sweatshirts to hide the copious amounts of Halloween candy you've consumed keep warm.

...to frequent the local 7-Eleven for hot chocolate that you pretend is better than it really is.

...to make a butt-ton of pies/turkey/stuffing/mashed potatoes/etc. that could feed 7 small armies.  (Unless of course, you're me, then 'tis the season to buy a can of cranberry sauce.)

...to avoid Wal Mart.

...to start wondering what body part you'll have to sell this year to pay for Christmas.

...to get a membership at the gym.  Or start using the gym membership you've been paying for for 6 years.

...to suddenly find room in your heart to be grateful for things like your mundane job and your pain in the crack dog.

...to make babies. 

...to start sending out cheesy Christmas cards.  (We may or may not have intentions to send some of our own.  Featuring me, my husband, and our dog.  That is lame.  And by lame, I mean super awesome.)

...to wake up 30 minutes earlier, because you know the 8,347 feet of snow you got overnight will make traffic a huge, raging bitcheroo.

...to start throwing Ugly Sweater parties.  Even though it's overdone and barely cool anymore.

...to gain 3,948.2 pounds.  (Unless you're my husband, that is.)

...to hope that Utah slaughters BYU in their rivalry game this year.  For more reasons than one.  

...to schedule a "Things I'm Grateful For" post.  

...to be jolly.  Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra raaaaaaaa.

Happy November, Internet.



  1. i LOVE this! thanks for the rad pic.
    i've already emailed it to practically
    everyone i know!

    also, this season is not complete without
    a little jolliness ala "Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra raaaaaaaa"-style!

    have a great rest of today.

  2. 1. LOVE that picture. too funny. bahaha

    2. Love the post! 'tis the season for this Jew to secretly listen to said Christmas music and to avoid gaining weight!

  3. Hey Chelsea! I'm baaaaack! Great to be back and looking forward to reading more posts! Anyway, love your bulleted lists, like always...

    I refuse to schedule a "Things I'm Thankful For" post. Fo shizzle.

    I don't know what it's like with the whole snow traffic thing in the morning. I've never experienced snow that stuck long enough for that mess. This intrigues me.

  4. Ah... the Thanksgiving/Christmas Season Of Death And Dismemberment...

    Yeah, I'm super bah-humbug and stuff...

    BUT! There was one thing you mentioned I'm super excited you put, the feeding seven small armies thing. Yes please. Send this food to Christina. Kthx. I really like Thanksgiving and Christmas food.

    No food is better food.

  5. You know I had to pop over here after our bog conversation. This list made me laugh! I know nothing about Utah except that there are lot of Mormons there and pretty mountains, too, but I DO know about cheesy Christmas cards and ugly sweaters. I know that I'm going to do my darndest to represent both this year. Loved your post!

  6. LOL I love this list! And this picture! Except now I'm sad because I'm wishing we had 7-11 out here. Stupid Kansas. (Not for the hot chocolate, though. I like the taquitos! Except they don't have my favorite, jalepeno and cream cheese, anymore... damn. Bad luck all around this one!)

    -Lady Fromage

  7. Haha! I love this list! So true... and why do I keep drinking that 7/11 hot chocolate when I know the kind I make at home is, dare I say, significantly more tasty?! lol. Future post about being thankful but an even bigger future post about alll the crazy weight gain! Cheers!! :)

  8. That girl's face. Haha.

    What a good (and true) list! Awesome.