Monday, November 29, 2010

Chelsea is Bitchin' in the Kitchen

Holy mackerel.  I feel like I haven't blogged in over a century.  About 9,573 things happened this weekend that I could blog about.  Okay, not really - but almost.  So we'll just start with Thanksgiving - because I know people are dying to read about what I managed to cook/bake/destroy for dinner.  (Or lunch - I never really understood why people eat Thanksgiving at 2 in the afternoon and call it dinner.  I guess "Thanksgiving lunch" sounds mildly ridiculous in comparison.  Whatever.)

The stuff I made wasn't all too grandeur - no turkey, stuffing, casseroles or pies for me.  (My dad says that making turkeys is actually one of the easier things to make - to which I respectfully scoffed at in my mind.  Because I'm almost certain the day I decide to make a turkey, is the day I burn our entire house to the ground.)  No, my mother-in-law gave us about the simplest food assignment possible.  (Aside from bringing a can of cranberry sauce.)  We were in charge of the Jell-o/fruit salad.  I'm fairly certain that my dog could make a fruit salad - so I decided to kick it up a notch and try for pretzel Jell-o salad.  Sounds weird, right?  Turns out it's really yummy - and easy enough for me to make and not completely mess it up.  I say completely, because yes, I did manage to kind of mess it up.  And you can go ahead and ask my husband - I threw myself a little diva tantrum because my Jell-o salad didn't look exactly like the ones on Google Images.  I maintain that the top layer of Jell-o looked like someone chewed it all up then spit it back out on top.  (The recipe said to leave the Jell-o mixture out for a second to let it cool off a bit.  "A second" was just about a second too long and the Jell-o already started forming.  Already formed Jell-o isn't exactly easy to spread.)  So Shawn finally convinced my that my Jell-o didn't look like throw up and I kind of got over it.  The only redeeming factor is that it tasted good.  Damn good.  Check me out - Pretzel Jell-o Salad Master.

Anyways - here's the picture I took with my phone, because naturally my real camera decided to die.

  I didn't take a picture of the layers - and that's the best part.   Fear not, there will be a video.

And because this was our first Thanksgiving, and I sort of wanted to prove that I'm capable of concocting more than one edible item for Thanksgiving, we made my favorite fruit salad ever.  Snickers salad.  *Drool*  Apples, Snickers, and Cool Whip.  Oh yeah, smell the weight gain.

So, doesn't really look like much - but it's good.  Promise.  

I had been hankering to make one last thing - because clearly I'm trying to prove something here.  And let me tell you, I've never been so proud  of something that has come out of my kitchen.  I channeled my inner Martha Stewart and made some turkey cupcakes.  Because really, who eats cupcakes for Thanksgiving?  I beamed with pride as family members took pictures of my cupcakes and complimented me on how cute they were.  (It should be noted that I've been making this sound like I made everything myself.  I didn't.  My husband helped.  But I'm going to keep making it sound like I made everything.  Because it makes me feel cooler.)  Anyways, our turkeys were the star of Thanksgiving.  And you can betcher bottom dollar I found my holiday tradition.  Helloooo, Christmas cupcakes.

Again with the crappy phone quality.  My bad.

If you think those things were so meticulous that they made us a half hour late to Thanksgiving - you are so, so right.  They're super adorable though, right?  And now you're kind of jealous you didn't have turkey cupcakes at your Thanksgiving, right?

Just in case you didn't get it the first time.  We've got an Oreo, a Reese's Cup, a Whopper, Candy Corn, and frosting.  Gosh, I'm so proud.  I feel like I should have put them in a glass case purely for display.  Okay.  I'll stop now.

Anyways - Thanksgiving was good.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't really miss eating with my family though.  I missed my dad's stuffing, and Aunt Cathy's desserts, and basically everyone else's cooking - because it's better than mine.  Except for the cupcakes, obviously.  (Okay, I take that back, Cathy, you could probably make one heck of a turkey cake.  Let's have a bake off.  ;))  But I did have a good time with my husband's family, and I did get to spend time with my family as well - so it all turned out well.  It was a wonderful first Thanksgiving to spend with my husband and our families.  Wee!

And as for the video...

Don'tcha feel like you were there?

I hope you all had a superb Thanksgiving!  Welcome back to real life.  And if you're in Utah, happy shoveling that crap ton of snow off your driveway.  Three fist pumps for Winter!  (You know, or not.)

I've still got some mildly amusing things to tell you about our weekend.  Be excited.


  1. Chels! Those cupcakes are SOOO cute! I am very proud of you! I hope to one day be as domestic as you are!

  2. OMG. I'm a cupcake freak! We had cupcakes at Thanksgiving, too (pumpkin cupcakes) but not NEARLY as cute as those!! Cupcakes are appropriate for EVERY occasion. I'm convinced.

  3. hell-o! those cupcakes are dah-ling! SOO CUTE!!

  4. Nice cupcakes, chels! And don't kid yourself - Jell-O salad making is fraught with danger. Jan still maintains she can't make one.
    Can't wait to hear about the other weekend's shenanigans, esp. details about red paint and the U winning a certain football game!

  5. You know Im reading this blog of yours and getting into it and liking the cupcakes and all but then I try to watch the video and

    I CANT!!! I have not been invited. Thanks for that.

  6. lol. your video makes it all that much better in my humble opinion! ;) i did a jello salad as well...not pretzels, but it was good. my FIL even asked if i'd brought it (while he was shoveling the last few bites and headed for seconds). i confirmed his suspicions, and he complimented it. told me it was by far better than the other two jello salads that had been brought that day! woot woot! virtual high-5 for that one. :) (way yummy, raspberry jello, chunks of apple, crushed pineapple, whole berry cranberry sauce...tasted almost like dessert!)
    anyhow, glad your turkey day was and your little turkey cupcakes were stunning!

  7. I agree with your dad, the turkey is the easiest part!!! Adorable Cupcakes, but I am not sold on that salad. At all :)

  8. Yep, turkey is easy. Throw it in a bag and cook! :)
    I love, love, love those turkey cupcakes. I simply must try them next year! Great job!