Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Butt Kiss.

So since it seems I missed doing the all-elusive clichéd, "It's my husband's birthday so I'm going to write all the reasons why he's cool on my blog" post - I'm going to do it now.  Mostly because my husband rules.  And we all know how much I love publicly bragging about him.

So these are some of the reasons that I'm glad Shawn was born 23 whopping years ago....

He stays up and gossips with me in bed when I'm 99.9% positive he'd rather be participating in other activities.

He cleans up our bedroom carpet on hand and knee when Toby manages to sprinkle pee ev-uh-ry-where.  (I'm not even exaggerating here - you could not step anywhere without stepping in urine.  I don't even know how that's possible.  Damn canine.  *Cough*  I digress.)

He makes me lunches - usually with enough food that could feed me lunch for 4 days.

He doesn't yell at me when I ask him 8,000 questions during movies.  Yeah, I'm one of those people.

He gives me butt kisses every night.  (And I feel completely weird not explaining this.  It isn't as kinky/awkward/nasty as it sounds.  It's simply when we have to turn our separate ways to go to sleep, he taps his butt against mine and says "Butt kiss!"  ...Okay, so maybe it's a little awkward.)  But I think it's funny - and I wouldn't want a butt kiss from anyone else.  I think I just found my husband's new pet name.

He let's me post incriminating videos and pictures of him online.

He shovels the crap loads of snow off our driveway - without throwing a tantrum like his wife would.

He lets me stand under the water for the majority of our showers.

He tells me my pooch is perfect size.  Even though I'm certain I look no less than 3 months pregnant.

He teaches me about football and basketball so I don't sound like a complete tool when I talk about it with other people.  Who knew there were field goals in basketball?

He doesn't judge me when I polish 2 rows of Coconut Dreams.  (And if he does, he's smart enough to do it behind my back.)

He sits on the same side of the booth as me at restaurants.  Every time.

Among so many other reasons, of course you have all the obvious reasons.  You know, the reasons I married him - his good looks and his money.  I kid.  I love my husband more than I love anything on this earth.  Yes, more than Coconut Dreams.  He is my rock.  He is my everything.  (Careful, I'm about to break out into a country song.)  He is a better husband than I could have ever asked for - and I know he'll be an even better dad some day.  I can't think of anyone else I'd rather grow old and wrinkly with. 

I love you 947 trillion Coconut Dreams, husband.


  1. This is so sweet I now love your husband...

  2. travis sits on my side of the booth too :) haha! butt kisses!!! :)

  3. Aw... I love how much you love your hubby. :) And, also, you two look amazing in that picture. Seriously, I just had to comment on how perfect that picture is. :D

  4. He sounds like a great guy! I was smiling the whole time that I was reading =)


  5. Happy birthday, hubby!! I think the butt kiss thing is adorable, btw. :)

  6. We always cook the turkey in a turkey bag. Never fails, always moist.