Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just In Case You Were Wondering...

I'm the broad in the chicken costume...
...the chicken costume that I have no qualms with wearing every year til the day I die. 

Apparenly we don't believe in the all-elusive "couple costumes."
Oh, and that's not a mask on Shawn's face.  Just for the record.
In any event, had there been a costume contest - we would have walked away victorious. 

Try not to be too jealous.


  1. You know, it's the pose that really nails your chicken costume. Cause if you were just standing there, it would be rather ho-hum. I can hear you bawk-bawk-bawking!

  2. Um, can Shawn please wear that to the family Christmas party this year?

  3. Okay, seriously? Super fantastically awesome costumes! I am so jealous. First of all, because of skelo-Santa's wicked face make-up and because you totally rock out in a chicken suit. Just- yes- to everything!

  4. OMG! ( i never say that ) but - where did you get that chicken? I LOVE IT!! probably cuz i walk like a chicken now... ha! that really is a fabulous costume... and scary Santa is pretty cool too... wonder if he could get a seasonal gig?

  5. That is some funny shit. And is Shawn seriously that tall or are you just that short?