Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Dog is Riveting - And You Know It.

Anyone hankering for an annoying "My pet is way cooler than your pet" post?  

Today's your lucky day.

Turns out Corgis are known for falling asleep in totally weird positions - and Toby is no exception.  Recently I've started taking pictures of him in some mildly amusing positions.  The flash on the camera usually wakes him up, and he gives me a "What the hell did you just do?" look every single time.  So a lot of the pictures are on my phone, to avoid waking him up and pissing him off.


This was under our shower curtain.  Yes, I took this picture while taking care of business.  You probably shouldn't judge me.

He apparently prefers hardwood floor over his big, expensive bed - that is not 5 feet away.

Shawn and I laughed for about 5 minutes when we saw this beauty of a pose.

This is one of my personal favorite positions.  He'll full out be sprinting and out of no where just drop down into this position and pass out.

Then he'll stand up, walk around in a circle - and end up in this position.

He loves sleeping under our table.  When we don't know where he is, this is usually where we find him.  

Apparently this corner is one of his favorites too.  It's usually where he'll sleep when we're doing our homework.

Just in case you weren't sure what gender my dog was...

The two studs of my life waiting for me to finish my homework at 1 in the morning. (Toby was sleeping, until he heard that I was taking a picture.)  My husband sleeps with his eyes kind of open - which is only  mildly creepy.

So there you have it.  The most compelling pet post ever.  This isn't even the half of it though, he sleeps under the dishwasher when I do dishes, in the laundry, on our beanbag, on my feet when I'm getting ready in the morning, and so on.  Ah, to be a puppy and do pretty much whatever the hell you want.  

I sort of feel kind of lame that I just did an entire post on where my dog sleeps.

So I'm going to stop now.

Shalom, Internet.



  1. That 4th one down we call Frog Dog--Mom's French Bulldog will go do that on concrete after a hard play session to cool off and sometimes she'll stretch out like that when she's working on a hoof or something.

  2. My cat sleeps in my underwear drawr, which means all of my panies are in some state of hairyness or another. It terrible.....

  3. i love toby's big ears, and i always love when dogs sleep with their back legs flipped out.

  4. OMG he's so freakin' cute I wanna squish him!!!

  5. I love this post. And my husband hates it. Because I'm corgy obsessed and you are feeding my obsession. I see all these cute puppy pictures and want to go out and get one tomorrow.

  6. I'm so going to your house and stealing your narcoleptic dog. :) Yes, I stalk you. You don't see me outside on the street... I'm not there. MUAHAHAHA! But, seriously, I'm stealing him. :)

  7. Oh Gawd, that is one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen, seriously! He doesn't even need to get all cute in his sleeping positions, he's just that cute!

  8. This is making me want a Corgie SO BADLY!! Isn't it the sweetest watching your boys take naps together? I always coo when I see my fiancee napping with my little peekapoo. :)