Monday, November 22, 2010

You Care, Right?

This weekend I....

-Watched Harry Potter at the butt crack of dawn for my husband's birthday.  Behind an entire row of smokers, no less.  (And I've never read the books, but I'd just like to mention that that was the most awkward horcrux ever.  My probably-louder-than-appropriate "What. The. Hell was that?!" expressed my sentiments to my half of the theater nicely.)

-Bought presents for my husband on his birthday while he was at work.  (And just in case you're wondering, I didn't buy him a hair straightener - as much as I wanted to.  I went with a camcorder, fixing his watch, and a coupon to stay at Anniversary Inn instead.  Awesome points for me... because let's be honest, I will probably use and enjoy the camcorder and Anniversary Inn stay far more than he will.) 

-Took Shawn and myself to get massages for his birthday.  Then realized that the Health Savings Account that my company contributes money to every month would pay for it.  Then in my moment of excitement, signed up to get a massage every month.  Free massages?  I think yes.  Thanks, work.

-Took Shawn to the Jazz game - which we lost.  Go Jazz.

-Ate popcorn at said Jazz game, which an extremely plastered woman bought for us to make up for her and her very inebriated friends getting up every .3 seconds to buy more beer.

-Almost went 100% postal on 4 kids who shrieked, "Jazz rules!  Jazz rules!  Jazz rules!  Jazz rules!"  for about 20 minutes straight.  I maintain that they're the reason we lost.

-(Kind of) surprised Shawn after the Jazz game with all our friends waiting at our house to eat cake and ice cream.  Except instead of people showing up at 10 like I had asked, everyone but our neighbors and a few people (Hi Taylor, Natalie, & Angela!) showed up at 10:30.  That sort of killed the surprise part of the surprise.  But you know, whatever.  I surprised Shawn enough for his birthday last year that I barely cared. 

-Watched the Utes win.  Finally.

-Looked through an ass load of recipe books in a conscious effort to be more domestic.  Only bookmarked about 3 recipes.  I'm fairly certain the only things I can make that don't come from my freezer or a pre-packaged box are sandwiches, toast, and cereal.

-Almost tried to make a pie to practice for Thanksgiving - then quickly ditched that idea and bought some Coconut Dreams.  Drool.

-Had my first official "Who are we going to spend Thanksgiving with this year" fight with my husband.

-Had dinner at the in-laws for Shawn's birthday, at which I had the same Thanksgiving argument with my mother-in-law.

-Went with Shawn to Kohl's to try on clothes that he is going to make me wait until Christmas to wear.  And I found a stretchy elephant ring that I loved.  (Sort of looked like this one, except it wasn't 300 dollars, and was stretchy, better, and cooler.)   Shawn made fun of me.  A lot.  He said I'd never wear it.  Which is a lie.  Because if I had an elephant ring, I'd wear it all. the. damn. time.  Because who the heck has an elephant ring?    I'd go back and buy it myself, except I feel like Shawn probably bought it already.  (If he knows what's best for him, at least.  Cough.)  I wasn't lying when I said elephants are my new favorite animal.  (Not to mention stretchy rings are my new favorite thing.)

And on that note, I will stop.  Because any more notes - and I imagine you'll start shedding tears of sheer boredom.


  1. Yeah, I refuse to watch the last Harry Potter movies out of sheer disrespect for where the entire franchise, books and movies, are going and have went. The logical ending was, well... I'm not going to spoil it for you since you haven't read the books. Suffice it to say, last book was not impressive to someone who likes bitter and possibly tragic endings with purpose. There was no purpose to Rowling's tragedies and... okay. Shutting up now.

    Also, you sound like Shawn's birthday was overall enjoyable, in spite of some horrible and annoying people. :) Happy belated birthday, Shawn, and, to both of you, happy early Thanksgiving! 'Tis the season to eat lots and lots of food!

  2. lucky on that HSA massage dealio!
    have to call & break my mom's heart over thanksgiving this year. normally i do it all, but she doesn't want to travel with the roads this year....and frankly neither do i, AND my in-laws invited us this year, which NEVER happens. so i'm leaning that way since it's 10 minutes to their house, and then i don't have to scour my house clean, or stress about cooking everything! :) my mom's not gonna like it. :(

  3. Aw, I love me some HP! I won't be annoying and demand that you read the books, but you know... read them! ;)

    Love the sound of the stretchy elephant right!

  4. it makes me feel good knowing that there is another out there who can't cook, minus toast, sandwiches, and cereal. but i am happy to announce i can good a mean scrambled egg :)
    kudos to you for the awesome presents!

  5. So just to clarify....Will you be enjoying that video camera while at the anniversary inn{{giggle}} or just enjoying both, but not at the same time?

  6. I love stretchy rings! I have giant fingers, so those are the only ones that ever fit. Sigh.