Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Procrastinate Pretty Much Whenever I Can

So I figured since I just wasted about on hour harvesting my crops on damn FrontierVille, I could squeeze in a small post - even though I should be studying for my last final.  But why study when you can blog and harvest crops?  That's my motto. 

Anyways, since you already know that my husband and I have become slaves to the last couple weeks of school, this post will be dedicated to what Toby's been up to.  Because yes, I'm that annoying pet blogger that you love to hate. 

So just in case you were wondering what our little fur dude's favorite past times in the last little while are, here you go - all with the professional touch of my phone's camera.  (Because I'm too effing lazy to put batteries and a new memory card in our piece of garbage camera.)

He eats our blinds.
No amount of bitter apple spray will keep him away from those babies.

He eats our shoes.

He eats our lotion.
And yes, it now comes out all the holes. 
And that sounded a lot more awkward than I originally intended.  Not that I intended it to be awkward.  But, you know. 

 He eats our couch.

Luckily we have a couch cover.  The only reason he got to this part (which is shown sideways, because Blogger is special) is because we washed our couch cover one day, and it was like unveiling a gold mine for Toby.  The fact that he goes into stealth mode when he destroys our crap, doesn't help the situation either.

He eats toilet paper.
 And then spreads it from Hell to breakfast.

He eats toothbrushes from the shower.
Luckily Shawn had a brand spanking new electric toothbrush neatly wrapped under the tree for me.  Talk about nice timing.

He eats paper, garbage, and shoe soles.
Then won't let us sweep, because he thinks that the broom is a product of Satan.

Anyone else sense a trend?
For the love.

When he isn't massacring our house he is pretending he forgot how to go up the stairs.

And just when I'm about to sell him to the circus, he does adorable things like this:

And then, despite all his shenanigans, he graduates his puppy training class!

Even though I'm definitely not wearing makeup in this picture, I love it

Aren't you glad I got a dog?
Super riveting.

Anyways, I'll try to take it easy on the dog posts for the next little while.  It just gets hard when you have the world's most irritating/adorable puppy.  We'll get back to my regularly scheduled crack waxes and trips to the doctor in no time.

And just in case you're wondering, my husband and I just pounded a medium BBQ chicken pizza from Pizza Hut.  It's almost midnight, and I think my husband just passed out on the floor. 

Finals blow.

Sleep tight, Internet.


  1. Finals week totally sucks. AC has been working on papers for a week stress and STILL ISN'T DONE. It's no fun :( and has totally prevented me from getting into the Christmas spirit!

  2. oh my! toby is having a large time isn't he? ha! ahh the joys of owning a furbaby.... he is awfully cute!

  3. Whew. I would get a second dog for him to play with. Hubby and I are determined to have pairs of everything after our puppy ate our house to pieces too. Or get a raw meat bone, like a cow femur. That will keep him busy for DAYS!
    Good luck!

  4. Nice. And you should feel good that your doggy is normal. And you didnt have makeup on in that pic? How dare you even get ready for a pic of you dont have makeup on

  5. This is why I love cats, not that doggies aren't the cutest things ever, they just are so bad. Cats are easy, I like easy.

  6. My cat actually chews stuff way more than any dog I've ever had. It's weird, the dynamic of animals. Some chew everything, some chew nothing.

    Some are so smart that they trick you by graduating from obedience school and then insist on being bad. :)

  7. Our doggy was like that. It does get better. We sacrificed a few pairs of shoes, a chair, and a lot of chocolate. We found it helps to provide a lot of toys and exercise and not leave them alone too long if you can help it. My sister-in-law's brother is amazing at training dogs and he makes them walk/run on his treadmill every morning before he goes to work to get some of their energy out.

    Good luck! He is a darling dog.

  8. Cute puppy! Ours have all been chewers, try a Nylabone, works every time.

  9. Wow. We must've lucked out with Maggie. The only thing she started chewing was one of my shoes. Everything else has been left alone. Tobi is such a cute little stinker, though!