Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm Not Dead. Yet.

Dear Internet,

My finals might eat me alive.  

I promise I'll be back soon with fun stories about trips to the waxing lady, new Toby tricks, and my ever evolving hypochondria problem.

Only 2 more finals, and I'll be back - promise!



  1. Hang in there! My fiance is going through the same thing... I've made a LOT of dinners solo recently.
    Thank goodness Christmas is on the horizon! COokies and presents and family! YAY!

  2. Good luck on your last two finals. I feel ya! I take my last one tomorrow and then I'm free! I hope you do great! Don't stress!

  3. oooh! can't wait to hear the waxing lady story. it just SOUNDS too good! lol. :)
    good luck on those finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Good luck!! My best friend is doing the same thing now, she's pretty much MIA :(

    I finally heard the "whip my hair back and forth" song last night and though of you and your rising rap star fame :)