Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My (Second) Long, and Mostly Boring Post About Christmas.

Who had a super Christmas?  Because I sure did.  Waking up to go man a nearly empty office this morning just about killed me.  Seriously.  I'm pro everyone taking the last two weeks of the year off.  Except for Wal Mart.  Because the world needs Wal Mart.  Especially on Christmas when they're on their period and run out of party favors.  You know, just a thought.

Anyways, anyone up for a re-cap of our very first married Christmas?  (Awe.  Precious.)  Here are some of the highlights of our Christmas weekend (because I'm just about certain that I'll forget everything about this year's Christmas by next year - because I have the memory of a crack whore.)

-We went to Sizzler with Shawn's family on Christmas Eve.  I'm pretty sure I hadn't been to Sizzler since I was 10.  I had to laugh a little bit.  Because who goes to Sizzler?  It was fun, in any event.  Anyways - then we went and saw Tron.  Have you ever watched a 9 hour movie?  Yeah.  It was like that.  It was a decent movie, I guess.  But I can say with absolute confidence, that I will not be watching it again.  My husband, on the other hand, would marry the movie if he could.  Dead serious.  (By the way, a commercial for Sizzler just came on.  And I laughed.  I assume most people don't find Sizzler as amusing as I do.  So I'm going to go ahead and move on before I offend all the people who received Sizzler gift cards for Christmas.)

-Shawn's family gets a new Christmas ornament every year, and my family gets new pajamas.  And since I'm anal retentive and all the ornaments on my Christmas tree have to match, we went with the new pajamas.  I got Shawn some stellar Santa pajamas and since we decided on the pajamas about 24 hours before Christmas, Shawn got me some fuzzy slipper boot things - because I always whine about how my feet have chronic frostbite, and he's probably tired of sitting on my feet to warm them up. 

-Shawn's inner 7 year old made his Christmas debut, as Shawn woke me up and eagerly asked me if we could open our presents yet.  At 5 o'effing clock in the morning.  I grunted something completely incoherent and promptly fell back asleep.  I don't do mornings - as you will soon witness for yourself in this next gem of a video, after I had decided it was an appropriate hour to finally wake up.

Don't mind the blur that's in the middle of the picture like, the entire time.  And are we loving how excited Shawn is?  Doesn't it just remind you of his N'Sync Christmas?

-We started recording each present that we opened, but that got old really fast.  So I won't even put you through that.  But we were very blessed this year.

-We spent the entire Christmas day visiting about 800,000 family members.  Turns out married Christmases are a smidgen more complicated then when I had just one family.  But it was still nice to see everyone.  We went to Shawn's parent's house first, and opened a few presents with them.  Then we hauled toosh over to my grandparents - they have a tradition of making the entire family Egg McMuffins.  And as a child, I rarely got one - because my family always showed up after they were done serving them.  So this year I was adamant that we arrive before noon, because I wanted my breakfast sandwich.  We rolled in at about 11:45. Totally in time to get some delicious food.  We hung out with my family there, and then went to go visit a few other sets of grandparents.  As I type this, I realize this can't possibly be entertaining for you.  Sorry.  Let's just say this post is for my future spawn.  Because they'll care - right?

-Shawn started feeling a bit queezy - so we went home and went into mini-hibernation for about 3 hours.

-My parents started a new tradition of going to a Chinese restaurant the night of Christmas.  Shawn and I pull up to "Jumbo Buffet - Chinese American Food."  Shawn instantly starts to feel sick again and claims that anything with the words "Chinese" and "American" in the title, can't be good food.  We go inside and meet my family.  And even though he's been sick for a good portion of the day, my husband begins to inhale a crap ton of Chinese American food.  And I just about heaved when I saw him put several of these on his plate:

Did anyone else just throw up?  Anyways... we were probably the loudest ones there.  Making inappropriate jokes about how one of the entrées looked strikingly similar to certain female anatomy, and other things that you'd only find my family discussing.  Which is awesome, really.

Anyways, as I've said multiple times - our first Christmas was a good one.  I'm officially bored of this post, so I'm going to end on a completely unrelated note...

Check out my Fall semester!  Welcome to the Dean's List, Chelsea.  Only three more classes to go and I'm done for.e.ver.  (PS, does it ever drive anyone else crazy when they have all As and one damn A-.  A bit of a killjoy if you ask me.)

And I'm officially done talking about Christmas.  I think.

Happy Tuesday, Internet!


  1. OMG- I went to that Jumbo Buffet too, and got super sick! That place is kinda gross.

  2. I'm glad you had a great Christmas! Also, if I haven't ever said it yet, I'm saying it now. You are super adorable! Also, I want Shawn's TMNT shirt. For shiz.

    AND SUPER CONGRATS ON MAKING STRAIGHT As! That is so hard to do. And don't be too picky about the A-.

    That's weird, now that I think about it, I don't even think my college does the + or - system anymore. It's just the letters. :/

  3. I have made a pact to NEVER EAT AT THE JUMBO BUFFET!
    Listen, I work at the inner city school just around the corner and those kids come to school singing the praises of The Jumbo Boofette, yep, that's how they say it!
    Anyhow, I know how these kids are, filthy little fingers in and out of every orofice of their bodies and 0, that's ZERO handwashing!!
    Please, tell us that not only did you live, but Shawn yacked up every single one of those disgusting morsels?

  4. Ha! Sounds like an awesome time!

  5. Is that rubber with tentacles?
    Anyhoodles, I beg to differ on the crack ho memory...they ALWAYS remember when it's time to get more crack and the location of the nearest ER in case they couldn't score crack and are at risk for having convulsions. I worked in an ER. So I've seen things.
    Those crack ho's are a lot smarter than you think...but not as smart as you ya smarty pants. Way to go on them grades.
    PS. I'm Christmased out too. If I talk about Christmas any more; tinsel, glitter, egg nog and Bing Crosby singing White Christmas may spontaneously shoot out of my ears.

  6. I find sizzler just as amusing as you do. When my parents suggest it, I just say "Seriously? No."