Friday, December 3, 2010

Video Camera Purge. WEE!

Remember that camcorder I got my husband for his birthday.  Well, I've been having a blast with it - making probably the most boring videos ever to grace the internet.  I told Shawn that something amusing is bound to happen while I'm recording.  And when it does, I'll submit it to America's Funniest Home Videos, and we'll win thousands of dollars.  Sounds ideal, right?  So until then, I'll continue recording super lame videos - and probably showing them to you, Internet.  Because clearly I have nothing better to do with my life.

I actually tried recording a phone conversation I was having with Shawn while he was on speaker - because I thought, hey, our conversations are pretty funny.  Maybe I'll start a new thing on my blog where the internet can listen to our conversations.  Because who doesn't love eavesdropping on a good phone conversation?  The conversation I was recording was fairly amusing and appropriate - that is until he made reference to testicles, and ruined my whole plan.  (Don't get me wrong, I thought the reference was hilarious, mostly because I was recording it - but it was maybe a smidgen inappropriate for the blog - that my 9 year old sister reads.)

So here are some of the videos off my Shawn's camcorder - that aren't quite AFV material yet.  (Like seriously, there are pretty boring.  You should only watch these if you're supremely bored.)

This is our kick-ass Christmas tree.  And my husband, wearing long johns - which I clearly think is the most amusing thing ever.  (If at any point it looks like he's air humping, maybe just ignore that.)  And, of course, Toby with the cone of shame - he officially can no longer reproduce.  
(I realize I sound super cruel at how much I laugh at Toby and his cone.  But it is seriously the most hilarious(/depressing) thing ever.  He ran into walls constantly for the first few days.  

This is Toby's famous, "If I don't move maybe she'll forget that I'm being a bad dog" move.  And then the, "Hurry and lay down and act like I wasn't doing anything" move.

YouTube suggested I tag this video with "kitten."  WTF?  Could this video be any less kitten?

Again with the lame Toby videos.  He absolutely loves snow.  And although his cone totally complicates things - it doesn't stop him.

My husband may or may not take his pants off in this video.
Note: I'm not proud of my insults in this video.  Don't judge me.
Also, Shawn wasn't compensated by Arby's for his uncomfortable display of their sandwich.  Which is unfortunate, really.  

Okay, so those were mostly dog videos - and that's kind of makes me feel super lame.  But hey, practice makes perfect.  One of these days I'll be recording Toby and he'll do a back flip... or something.

Just you wait.

Happy Weekend, Internet.


  1. Whats up with Toby? My Bernese puppy had to wear a cone once too, when we had his little bits chopped off, and the vet nicked an artery, but sewed him up anyways, and it made his little sac swell up to the size of a grapefruit, and had to have a stent put in, and he dribbled blood everywhere for like a week......yeah, pretty bad.
    Lets hope thats not Toby's prob too.....

  2. Wow, Toby and I now share something in common. And thank god I didnt have to wear the cone.

  3. PRODUCT PLACEMENT! Haha. Now I'm thinkin' Arby's.

    And poor Toby and the cone of shame... Aw.

  4. YAY for cute puppies with cones. and yes, he does hate that cone. If only we could reason with dogs!

    too cute - and great looking tree!

  5. THe dog is officially the star with the cone of shame! bwahahahaha! Still laughing hysterically!

  6. OMG, the cone is pretty hilarious. And we have that same coffee table :)

  7. Haha, Chels, I like you. And your contagious laugh. You're awesome.