Thursday, March 18, 2010

Because I Know You Miss Me

Welp, I don't know that a whole heck of a lot is new - but that never seems to be an issue when it comes to whipping up a blog.

-There are 21 days left.  That is three weeks.  Man almighty, still so much to do.

-For all of you who are dying to know, I decided to axe the veil and go with a flower.  Do I have the flower yet?  Well, of course not.

-I have two showers this weekend - So excited.  Who doesn't love presents?

-Speaking of showers, turns out Wedding Shower Etiquette is completely foreign to me.  Forgot to invite Shawn's mom to my dad's side of the family shower.  Needless to say when she started asking where her invitation was, I felt like an ass.

-We got our top floor apartment with vaulted ceilings aaaaand they're going to re-carpet it before we move in.  Score us!

-Farkle pisses me off.  (Farkle is a dice game on Facebook.  Don't judge me.)  I had a good solid 117,000 points, and I got greedy, and completely lost it all.  I hate losing, so when I lose, I keep playing to prove to myself and whoever is watching, that I'm a winner.  I get in possibly the most foul mood when I lose a game.  Good thing real gambling is a no-no.  

-People have been asking me for the last 2 weeks where their announcement's are.  Uh... We haven't even sent them out yet, don't even worry.  I don't understand when people send their announcements to people a month before their wedding.  Okay, maybe if you're in a different state, I could understand.  But seriously?  If someone sends me an announcement even 3 weeks in advance, I usually lose it and totally forget about it.

-My eyebrows need some serious waxing.  So does my chin (Hi, my name is Chelsea and I'm a man).  And perhaps ahem, other areas.  Cameo College was nice and cheap, but pretty sure they left sticky shiz all over - and it was just... not ideal.  Suggestions are more than welcome for a good (not too expensive) waxing place. 

-You know what else would be nice?  Tan skin.  Alas, Chamberlain skin will not oblige.  Tanning booths freak me out - I'm almost positive that if I ever step foot in one, I will die of skin cancer.  Who knows, maybe it could be the best thing that ever happened to me?  And then you have the "spray booths"... Um, anyone seen Friends?  

While that is a seriously funny episode, if that ever happened I'd crap myself - especially if it was anywhere near my wedding.  

-I'm going through the Jordan River temple on April 1st!  Wahoo!  So excited!  I'm a little bit nervous - but I'm sure it'll be great.  

-Being off birth control this month has been so awesome.  My chest pains have pretty much stopped since I went off of it, and I feel like that's probably not a good sign.  On the bright side, I actually like kissing again - hooray!

-If you (or anyone you know) needs their lawn aerated, Shawn's starting to make the go-rounds.  He charges 30 bucks for an average sized lawn - if you're interested just lemme know.  

-I'm pretty sure that about wraps up business for now.  Like I said, nothing too exciting - but hey, it's better than a kick in the pants with a steel boot... I hope.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

36 Days.

-So I'm all sorts of bored with my blog layout.  I hate the current one, but I'm annoyed with trying to find one that isn't too fru fru n stuff.

-This last weekend (Don't worry that I started this blog on Monday) was all sorts of productive...
  • I got my dress fitted (don't worry that we were going from a size 14 down to like a 6 - needless to say it was huge.)   
  • We picked out our linens - shout out to Kaisa'a mom, Heli at Purely Linens for giving us the "Family and Friends Discount" - boom baby!  
  • We picked out the flowers for our centerpieces, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, grandparents and cake.  There were a crapload of flowers to choose from - so I more or less chose the ones I liked and told the chick to go crazy.  I think my favorite part was when we were shooting the breeze about flowers and all of a sudden she stops mid-sentence with an absolutely disgusted look on her face and says, "Oh my... Um.... Your ear is bleeding."  Yeah, it totally was.  Thank you, cheap as crap earrings.
  • We went and filled out the application and payed the deposit on our apartment, located in Sandy.  It's nice and small.  To get to the bathroom, one has to go through our bedroom.  I'm not such a huge fan of that one - but I figure we don't really have friends - so who's going to be using our bathroom anyways?  Look at me, being positive... ish.
  • We figured out the final layout for our reception at Noah's - hopefully there will be enough seating for the throngs of people I just know will be at our reception.  (I kid.)
  •  I finally found some matching boleros at Dillards (Thank you, Marisa!)  What I don't understand is why the crap people make it so expensive to dress modestly - like, really? 
-Turns out I'm getting totally tired of making decisions.  When we were talking to the floral chick, we were making decisions right down to the color of pins she was going to use in the boutonnieres.  I'm quickly approaching the point where I really just couldn't care less what happens.  I just want to be married, that's all.

-That said, I have enjoyed putting this wedding together and making it our own.  The bright colors and the food are going to hopefully turn out pretty decent.

-We got our engagement pictures back - hooray!  There were a good 400 of them taken... Sufficient to say that we got a few good ones.  Even though it was freezing cold and windy.  I'm pretty stoked about the power of Photoshop, no more double chins and pale faces.  Boo yah.  My dad is going to design the announcements, so needless to say those'll be pretty awesome as well.  Here's a screen shot of one of my personal favorites....

(It now being Wednesday - I have magically transformed into a not so awesome mood.... Forgive me if this post gets less fluffy.)

-Yesterday was my birthday.  22 - nothin' real special.  Low key birthday.  Even stooped low enough to watch final episode of The Bachelor.  I knew Vienna was going to win from the very beginning thanks to Reality Steve.  I still think she's a skank hooker with ridiculous eyes.  But whatever.  Also, is it just me, or is Jake a total goober?  Not a fan.

-Dammit Justin Bieber, why do I listen to you?

-Raise your hand if you think I'm garbage for not showering every day?  I sure as crap smell like it.

-Um... Remember how we all thought we were cool for saying things like "that's what she said" or "your mom" - turns out the new hip and funky fresh thing to say is "in your pants".  It's similar to adding "in bed" after you read a "fortune" - it's mildly amusing to say the least.  Ah, kids.

-So I sorta want to do a side bun for my hair on my wedding day - however I like the veil idea too.  I don't know how side bun + veil is going to mesh, unless it's a birdcage veil.  I've always said that birdcage veils aren't really my thing.  Should I just stick with a big pretty flower?  Or no side bun?  Opinions would be more than helpful - don't be shy.

-I can't remember if I mentioned this or not - but I totally get to not take birth control this month, and I'm thrilled.  My doctor told me my chest pains are probably just nerves.  Which is exactly what I was afraid of.  Nothing like going completely out of your way to go to the doctor to have them say, "Oh you're just nervous!  Give it time."  Mark my words, if I drop dead because of a heart attack - my family will sue the hell out of that doctor.  Nerves.  Please.  My lungs are probably collapsing and I have a tumor in my heart and blood clots throughout my body.  Who does this doctor think she is, making me pay out my rear end for her to tell me I'm nervous for my wedding.  Gosh.

-I also finally found shoes to go with my wedding dress.  I won't divulge more than that, because it will be awesome, and if you want to see, then you will come to my reception.  So there.

-I went to Texas Roadhouse for my birthday yesterday with my parents and Shawn... By the time I got my meal I wasn't really hungry anymore so I boxed it all up so I could eat it for lunch today.  Yeah, no.  My siblings ate all of it before I even got a chance.  That solidified my current bad mood.  Remember my problem with sharing?  I have an even bigger problem with stealing.

-So I was scanning a bunch of notes Shawn had given me in high school into the computer, because you never know when there's going to be a freak fire and you lose everything..... But it totally just solidifies in my mind that he's wonderful and there's no one else I'd rather be marrying.  They're totally cheesy, but adorable... I'll give you a peak only if you promise to not make fun of us.  Observe:

Secret notes are some of the best notes - especially ones oozing with cheese like this one.

This was a poem he wrote me for Valentine's Day one year (pre-mission)... So perfect.  (Nice paper, eh?)

Anyways, there's a lot more where that came from, and he may or may not kill me for putting those up - but I think they're adorable.  And since most of the people that read this are probably chicks, I can pretty much guaranty they will too.  :)  Anyways, I think that's me for today.